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  1. While I like to buy local, can't seem to get small hooks around here, they just kind of look at you strangley. JStockhard will order whatever you want, for an additional fee. I get 28 to 32's at marriots. They have a web site and are real good with customer service.
  2. When you get herl that dont look quite right Steam them, just get you teapot going and then pass them through the flo. I got this tip from Al Beatty. Bill
  3. I've had mine for over 6 months now,have tied down to sz.32 with no problems, at the beginning it is a little stiff but it works in well and now is very smooth. Bill
  4. It's been a while since I've posted here, But on this topic I do have something to say. I read constantly not just fishing, but other stuff as well, a lot of magazines and my only negative thing about "Hatches" is its a annual and I want MORE! Great Job Will. Bill
  5. Hi Mike, Check out FAOL, and go to Al Campbell's articles, "Begin Fly tying" You'll find all youll need, between here and there. Oh Yeah Theres No Hope For You Now. :devil: :devil: :devil:
  6. Hi All, Just a short about what the other half brought home from "Hobby Lobby", its called a Carousel Organizer. Whats great is if you sign up for their newsletter you can print out their 40% off coupon from last sundays newspaper. Heading there tommorow to pick me up one, they retail for 5.99, but with the coupon they are 3.59. Then we'll probly head down to "Lunkers & Anglers Inn". http://www.craftsetc.com/Store/ShowProduct.aspx?p=399428 Bill
  7. Will, Shirts arrived today... look Great. Many Thanx Bill
  8. Will, My check will go out in the mail on 6-6-06. 2 Shirts: 1 Prarie Dust 3XL, 1 Kelly Green. Bill
  9. Count me in 1 Prarie Dust 3XL 1 Kelly Green 3XL Bill
  10. Flies Arrived today, Really Great Job Everybody! :bugeyes: Bill
  11. Put me down for one also, need a 3XL. Bill
  12. The Flies arrived today and all I've got to say is WOW, Great Job Guys. And Many Thanks Brian for hosting this. Bill :yahoo:
  13. NADA, as of the 13th Bill
  14. Just got "Innovative Flies & Techniques" a really Great Resourse Thanks to Al & Gretchen. However I do have 1 thing to comment on. Don't be "thrifty"(I don't care what my wife says I'm not Cheap) get the spiral bound edition, I ended up spending 8 bucks on a "D" ring display type binder and taking 2 plus hours taking the book apart and punching the holes. :wallbash: Bill
  15. Brian, As I told Backstroker,Im more than partially "Brain Dead"! Flies will go out this week sometime( If I can Remember how to open the door...SHEESH!) Bill
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