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  1. I'M from San Diego, South Philly & Southern Maryland, strictly bass country. We head north to PA for trout. Cheers, Bob H.
  2. Very nice, Lucian. Would you mind listing the ingredients? I'm fairly new to this game, and would like to try to duplicate it, and from there, experiment. Cheers, Bob Hendry
  3. I've been lying low for awhile - not tying or fishing much. Things are starting to settle down a bit, and I have my tying station set up once again. I'm concentrating on the North Country Spiders. There are hundreds of patterns for spider flies, nearly all of which call for "down-eyed wet fly hooks 14-18". When I peruse the listings of hooks, there are tons of wet fly hooks. Which ones do y'all recommend most? Any and all input would be appreciated. Thanks. Bob H.
  4. I've been searching for a way to do exactly this, as well. Just assumed that I'd have to build a manual list of flies matching the local hatches. Your suggestion is wonderful. Having an automatic re-order point would be handy. It could generate a shopping list when inventory droped below a variable point. I'm not very technical; can I help you in any other way? Cheers! Bob H.
  5. Thanks Bob, I tried to order it, but ran into snag after snag trying to arange payment via "moneybookers". I can't believe the torture they want to inflict on me in order to setup an account. I gave up. Do you know if there is another way to pay for this? I'd love to try it. Cheers! Bob Hendry
  6. Mornin', Neighbor, I'm not really very familiar with Fly Source. I just recently downloaded it. It wouldn't connect to the P2P server, so I contacted the author, and he replied that the server in not running, and would stay down until at least November, when he releases the next version. Consequently, I have only a couple flies in my Fly Source database, and haven't really tested it. But a major advantage of Master Cook is it's query capability. I don't think Fly Source will match it. For example, in MC I can search for all patterns using elk hair and gold wire, and it will spit out a list of links to everything using those materials. Then, after I select the flies I wish to tie (I have to plug them into a 'meal plan'), it will generate a "shopping list" of materials needed to tie them. As far as I can tell, Fly Source won't do that for me. A major drawback, IMO. Another hypothetical advantage is when my wife asks "why are you spending so much time on the computer?", I can honestly reply " oh, I'm just working on some meal plans . . ." I'm a beginning tier - I don't have the patterns memorized like my instructor does. Name off 5 or 6 flies, and he will spout off everything you need to tie them. Not sure I'll ever get there. We're up at Walter Reed 3 days a week; one of the staff pediatricians teaches fly tying to the Project Healing Waters participants (my son is a left leg amputee, he's now an outpatient) on Tuesdays. Sean tells me that during his deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, he has tied many hundreds of files - guess the Army doesn't have much need for pediatricians in combat zones?? But I digress. If I run into any issues with MC, I will be sure to post them. Do you ever get out on the Port Tobacco River (Creek?)? Heard 'about the killer shark they caught down near Buzz's Marina near Point Lookout State Park? Take care. Cheers!
  7. When I started ty8ing flies, my instructor suggested UNI thread 'cause it lies flat when wrapped. So that's still 1st choice. When I couldn't find it in the color I wanted, I tried Danville. To be completely honest, the only difference I can see is that Danville seems 'fuzzier'. I am left handed, and I tie in the mirror image to most of you, except when wrapping. I used to try wrapping clockwise (when looking at the hook eye from the end), but that didn't feel right. Now I wrap so that when wrapping around the bottom of the hook shaft, I bring the bobbin toward me, and away as it passes over the top. Now I'm comfortable doing it that way. I'm still quite new to this - started tying in Jan of this year. Cheers!
  8. Very nice! I'm not sure whose more talented - you or your daughter. She is definitely accomplished. Bob Hendry
  9. I have the travel case/mounting board that I bought from Norm shortly after I got my Nor-Vise. The board measures 40.5x27 cm and is just a tad over 1 cm thick. The holes are 36 cm apart. A couple years ago, our LARGE wood cutting board split in two. It's a good bit thicker that Norm's traveling board. I took the larger piece, which measures 56x26 cm, and made my permanent mounting board. I cleaned it, bleached it, dried it in the oven, painted it, and I love it. I put stick-on rubber feet on the bottom to eliminate slippage. My wife allows me to tie on the kitchen table with this setup, bot NOT with my Peak vise, pedestal or clamp-on . . . Congrats on the new one - when's the stork arrive? Cheers! Bob Hendry Southern Maryland
  10. I sat over on my wife's computer answering email and browsing for a good tutorial to tie a March Brown. IThe other day I tied the worst ever March Brown. My wife used my computer to use MasterCook, a recipe database program, to develop her meal plan for next week, along with a shopping list. "Viola! Why not use MasterCook to enter patterns/materials into a database??", I asked. I entered several fly patterns, and now I can do exactly what I have been trying to do for several weeks now. I can enter the fly patterns that I plan to tie next week, and it will create a plan, and a list of materials needed to tie them. Then I can just verify that I have everything before I start, and buy what I don't. And it isn't too difficult to enter the patterns - there is an import assistant that really helps. I think this will work out well. Cheers! Bob Hendry
  11. Ditto. There is only 1 tackle shop in Southern Maryland, and he's 45 - 60 minutes south of me, and I can't drive. So I get down that away only when the dog's sick . . . (our Vet is down in Lexington Park too) Doggone healthy dog! Cheers! Bob Hendry
  12. I use both the Peak (when I'm on the road) and the Nor-Vise at home. I prefer the Nor-Vise, but haven't discovered a convenient way to carry it and set up when I get there. Cheers!
  13. I've seen several rally nice nymph patterns over on the 'North Georgia Trout Online' forum. Several of Kevin's flies (posted by Prowler) are finished with a very shiny epoxy-like finish called SHAN. Anyone ever heard of shan? Cheers! Bob Hendry
  14. Has anything ever come of this? I've been searching for such an app. Cheers! Bob Hendry
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