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  1. Thanks to all Mike SOME do.
  2. Have read some people use dubbing wax on the wire, other head cement to help hold the material while spinning. Any other ideas? Thanks
  3. Making some brushes for pike flies. The material is 7 inches long. Why is my material wrapping around my wire when I spin it? Is it speed? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. 20 years ago, I bought a product called Fuddlers. They do make a fly move. I cut mine out of clear plastic bottles with a hole saw. I use a single hole in the middle of the disc, and slightly bend the disc.
  5. Mike Schultz Featherchanger
  6. Check out The Classic Fly Rod Forum , if it is bamboo, someone will have the answer.
  7. Saw on Facebook a Game Changer tied with palmered schlappen. Does anyone have any tips on folding the schlappen? I have read about using a foam block. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Put this version together. Worked fine for me. Spun brushes by hand. Good Luck. Total cost 49 cents for two beveled washers.
  9. Go to YouTube. Search : Pike Flies Patterns. Have fun.
  10. I built a single foot 7 wt. For me the single footers are not as tough as a traditional snake guide. Fishing from a kayak, I often end up in fallen trees, under fallen branches, so the guides get abused. Agree with utyer single wrap of A is good. Have fun, nothing quite like catching a fish on a fly you tyed and on a rod you built. Lots of good folks here who will help you out.
  11. Not a fan of rabbit strips. Other ideas? Thanks
  12. Any tips on stopping the tubing from unraveling after it is cut? Thanks
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