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  1. Just used snowshoe hare and peacock herl.
  2. Hello all. Just tied this one a few days ago. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks friend. I used a size 10 3x streamer hook. You can also use a cone or bead on it for weight.
  4. Hey guy's and gal's. Tied this awhile ago and thought I'd share it with you. Hope you like it.
  5. Hello everyone. Tied this one with some hare I dyed and used natural. Hope you like it. Thanks.
  6. The quills I use are the large hackle from a Chinese or Indian neck which are perfect for dying. For quill bodies I tend to use pentone pens (light olive on a medium red game hackle)because I don't know of any dyes to match the mayflies in the UK. Hi Ashley. Do they have to be white Chinese or Indian Hen Necks? Bruce Hi Bruce, Simple anser is no, for my BWO I use the red game as already mentioned. Yellow on white works (I forgot I had done that one) for small mayflies. I use cock hackles not hen for my quill bodies. Ashley Use a Rit Dye for deer hair or tails. I've found it to work the best for that.
  7. Very Cool SBS. What other sizes can you do it in?
  8. First tied many years ago, has similarities to the muddler style, but also distinct differences. Materials: Hook : Size 10=4X streamer hook Thread : Uni white 8/0 Natural rabbit, silver holographic tinsel, natural deer hair and uv resin (to protect the tinsel and make it more durable) STEP 1 6mm behind the eye of the hook, wrap your thread back tightly, touch and turn, to the bend vertically in line with the barb. STEP 2 Get a nice clump of the rabbit hair, clipped from the hide. Hold it tightly and remove the soft under hair, using either a moustache comb or the tips of your thumb and index finger. Tie it in. STEP 3 Cut a piece of the tinsel about 6 or 7 cm long. Start at the tail and tie it in, wrapping touch and turn to the beginning of thread wraps behind eye and tie off. Using a form of uv resin (you can use bug bond or cure-goo)lightly spread along the tinsel, DO NOT GET ANY IN HAIR, and set it up with the uv light. STEP 4 Repeat step 2 for wing, tying off level with the first thread wraps behind the eye. STEP 5 Original pattern calls for natural deer hair (though colour of your choice as a variant). Clip a clump from the hide, clean out under fur and stack hair. Remove the hair from the stacker, hold it between thumb and index finger and starting where you tied your wing off, (allowing 3/4mm covering a little of the wing) trim the hair to the desired length, allowing the wing to show. Take two loose wraps/spin and pull tightly to flare deer hair. Pull back the flare, two wraps in front, take the packer and pack the hair tightly. Clip a second clump, clean, stack and clip both ends level, then two loose wraps, spin in tightly, pull back the flare, two wraps and pack. At this point if you still have a gap you need to use a third clump of hair. Pull back, tie off and shape head with scissors or razor blade. Step 6 Fly is done and ready to go fishing.
  9. Hello friends. Tied this one a few says ago. Hope you like it.
  10. Hello Pete. You can get tubing at a good price now days. Here's what I use and it's priced right HMH fly tyer's tubes. It's $4.80 and it includes tubes and junction tube. Can get them on line or from your local fly fishing store. Hope this helps. Tight lines. GrizzlyBear
  11. Do what you like to do. Go for the boat and then fish alot and don't for get the pictures. Just go for it buddy. Tight lines.
  12. I agree with Bruce and the Old Hat. But we all have to start some place. Is That right or wrong Guy's?
  13. :yahoo: Congrats Big J. Nothing like it in the world. Tight lines buddy and keep going.
  14. I always spend at lease 14 to 16 hours a day tying.
  15. Hey guy's and gal's. Here's one that should bring in the big ones.
  16. Hey Guy's I know its been awhile since I was here last. I've been tying alot lately. Hope you like this one I've just done.
  17. Thank you, Mike. Just got some Nymph Skn...gonna be workng on some new things Thursday...Gonna give Lewis's stonefly another go. GB....I think your first attempt is a good, solid fly. I STILL stuggle with dries, but it's obvious you undertand the technique. It'll surely take fish! Have you been tying long? Yes I've been tying off and on for a good number of years. But never had the materials that I now have. I find it very relaxing And I like to create natural looking flies. Thanks for your comment.
  18. Hello guys .I know am new on here but just wanted to see what you think about my steehead fly I've just done. Hope you like it. I used a cream coloured pheasant .
  19. Hey BigDaddy. I had ago at your yellow jacket. Hope you don't mind I tied it on a size 16. What do you think?
  20. Hey guys just tied this one. Can't wait to try it out this spring. Its a fly for steelheads.
  21. Great looking flies your grand dad has done Cheri. Hope you put more so we can see them.
  22. Nice one BigDaddyHub. If that don't get'em nothing will.
  23. Welcome aboard Cheri. Looking forward to seeing some of your flies. Yes its a great feeling to tie your own and catch a nice brook or rainbow.
  24. Hello everyone. I live in wirt county. And fished alot of are waters here and some other places. Hope to make some friends.
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