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  1. Great job Kevin!!! Take that baby out and catch a bucket full Henry F.
  2. Great looking minnow Kirk!!!! I think I will make some for some summer larg mouth fun. Henry F.
  3. Nice work shoebop!!! Henry F.
  4. Real nice job fshrmanms!!!!! Henry F.
  5. Tie them to your line,and hang on!!!!! your gona catch fish for shure. Henry F.
  6. that's some fine looking work Matt!!! Henry F.
  7. Nice work Joe,stay with it they look great man!!! Henry F.
  8. Mr. Floyd I think you have a winner!!! You will fill a stringer for shure
  9. Nice job JWM!!! Hope you catch a boatload Henry F.
  10. Looking real nice Ben!!! Henry F.
  11. Hey joat,Welcome to FTF Henry F.
  12. Hey Jeff. Welcome!! Lots of good info here Lots of good people too Henry F.
  13. Correction guys Nothing like watching the popper you made the night befor, while having a few good cold beers, or drinking a little wine, get inhaled by Mr. bucket mouth. Laissez les bons temps rouler!! Henry F.
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