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  1. Hi everyone! I have been away for awhile and just getting back to tying. This is a Pats rubber legs extended body.
  2. Nice looking flies, Chia. I tied a few of these up awhile back and didn't like the way the chenille looked wrapped around the eyes. So I tried using some Ice Dubbing and wrapping that around the eyes. It seemed to look better to me, but either way they will still fish.
  3. Ron, don't sell yourself short man. Those nymphs will definitely fish! They look great!
  4. What Mike said, if you're not a commercial tier it will serve the purpose. I tied on the one I had for at least 10 years and it did every thing I expected it to do.
  5. My 1st rotary vise looked just like that one. It was a made in India knock off. I bought it at Jann's NetCraft in Maumee, Ohio about 20 years ago.
  6. Papa, that mouse will definitely work! I don't even bother putting eyes or ears on mine and they still catch fish!
  7. I think those might catch some steelhead out of the Lake Erie tribs. Don't ya know that's exactly where I'm gonna drift them! Good luck when you go. Maybe one of these days we'll get some water in the rivers up there!
  8. I think those might catch some steelhead out of the Lake Erie tribs.
  9. Dubs, I like the looks of these! They should work good.
  10. Nice looking flies, Frank! That color pattern should get some looks.
  11. Kirk, on your rabbit streamer, do you dub the body and then brush it out or do you use a dubbing loop?
  12. Nice looking flies guys! Joe I would have to have a wooly bugger in the mix. What is the red on your fly? Chennille or yarn?
  13. I have seen trout like that as well as a smallmouth bass.
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