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  1. keep reedin keep lernin.. sumpin new every day
  2. I mostly use mustad, partridge, daiichi, if partridge and daiichi were not so expensive I would use more of their hooks. Mustad price and strengh also their new line signature, the barbs blend right into the hook and seem truly barbless.
  3. 1 PEAK 2 REGAL 3 RENZETTI I enjoy all my vise', there are nicer ones I would like but for $200 or less these are fantastic tools. And I already have 2 more than I need.. I should probably sell 1 or 2 but I cannot part with them..
  4. WOW 39 pages, interesting to say the least(peoples opinions are eye opening).. First, cannot beleive the handful of people with big negatives on renzetti. The only vise I would say I really don't like is the danvise, apoligies to danvise lovers. People really are brand loyal. I cannot beleive that peak is not on the top ten, if I had it to do over I would own a peak and I am sure I will someday soon. I have tried a dozen vises but only own 2 , a regal and a renzetti.That being said I like that I can turn the fly every which way while tying, however I do not use the renzetti's rotary function to the fullest. I find hand wrapping more to my liking as the thread on the bobbin holder gets all plooey when wrapping floss or hackle or whatever. Just not coordinated in this area. thanks for listening.. 1PEAK 2REGAL 3RENZETTI..
  5. I'd quit also but .. Hope that never happens, if you could vary with bead head and without it would be a FLYMPH, alot of variations to tie. Close second G.R.HARES EAR. Have you notice very few tiers are choosing a dry?
  6. I've tried a few synthetic hackles, pseudo being my least favorite but if you were given it you may find a use for it.
  7. There are a lot of good books and good beginners books,I learned to tie with Skip Morris fly tying made clear and simple. I am now ordering ''FLY TYING MADE CLEAR AND SIMPLE TWO'' yes a second follow up book, cannot wait to read it.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Old Hat I tie larger soft hackles & flymphs for steel also. Just started, only fished them a few times. I attempt the lift at the end of my swing also. I have much to learn, and very eager to get on with it at my ripe middle age. That fly does look so buggy when wet.
  9. I like it, just started trying tying speys&dees its coming around slowly. That is a very natural looking food item for steel, my question is what makes a fly low water?
  10. I have not used cdc, this fly is very nice with or without it. For me its the dubbing in the fly,nice and buggy.
  11. Nice fly, how do you get your guinea looking so good? After spending much time with the bodkin and comb after the fly is tied, my guinea bunches back up. Do you have a wrapping technique or is it something else? Thank You
  12. I will also add my vote, great guy and bussiness. His prices cannot be beat and products are great.
  13. nice vises all. i hope to afford the jvise someday. for now i love my renzetti traveler & my first vise the regal. i agree with the gentleman who does not like to talk down to others or be talked down to. this is a great sport & hobby, i have enjoyed more than any other to this day. i hope you all enjoy your tools&toys as much. p.s. nice streamer.
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