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    A to Z Swap

    Eric - Count me in for Z = Zebra Midge.
  2. CHRIS!! Holy Cow!! Glad you are home and recovering. My husband went through it a year ago June. It took me 3 hours to talk him into letting me take him to the hospital. STUBBORN! When do you start cardio rehab? Make sure you do it, best thing for you and will get you in a regular exercise routine. My guy is now riding road bike 50+ miles a week and off all heart meds. That and he quit smoking the day of the attack. I have finally quit too and will be 3 months smober next week. Best thing I have ever done for myself and I don't know why I waited so long!! I feel so great. You take it easy man and rest and love on thoses babies, quit smoking for them if not for yourself. They need you!
  3. Would love to be in on this one. I have been messing to a sculpin pattern using turkey feathers and ferret. It is looking very sculpinny. Will try to post a pic later today or tomorrow.
  4. Welcome Maine! And Howdy for Arkansas.
  5. Hope you had a grand Birthday Chris!
  6. Someone had way too much time on their hands.
  7. Hey but they are catching fish!! Sounds like they are chewing on them good! Try counter wrapping with a very fine wire. Sometimes it helps and make sure your hackle ends are tied in good. But hey there is something very satisfying about fish chewing up your flies!
  8. Holy Crap! (I can say that) Deeky please don't send me Salmonid material!! I don't have the heart to kill anything. LMAO :crying: :hyst:
  9. Man! The only thing I miss besides our kids we left in Calif is the EASTERN SIERRA! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
  10. Well darn, sorry you can't play with your new toys right away. But man what a sweet deal. Have fun scaring the fish!
  11. Awesome! Best wishes to you and your wife and little guy!
  12. Nice. Hey Devin when does that baby get here?
  13. Cheri


    Warm Muddy water - Fox Statler Lesson says - Flash Color should be gold, Primary color should be Black and secondary color Chartreuse. Never found Fox to be wrong! It's all about contrast gang.
  14. Holy Crap! You got a deal!! Pictures please~
  15. I'd like to be in. Sounds fun!
  16. Y'all have a one track mind!! :jumpy:
  17. Wow! Great tiers here. Would love to see some pictures of these flies!
  18. Awesome Pix! And great smiles!!
  19. Th Mices have flown the coop. Sorry for the delay gang. I came home from my trip late Sunday to find hubby with 2nd degree burns on his hand and nose. I am going to have to hire a sitter for him when I go fishing. The rest of this week hasn't gone much better. But there are some great mice on their way to you. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SWAPPING!!
  20. Hi All! Henry I will try to pop a few photos for ya'll. Got some great rodents! Gang, we are waiting on Robert's set to arrive. Nothing came today. The problem is I am leaving tomorrow AM to go fishing on the White and the Buffalo for the rest of the week. Sorry, my doc gave me the go ahead (torn rotator cuff and haven't been fishing or tying until this past Friday) so I jumped on it! Thankfully, I had my mousies done before then. So here is what I will do. When I return on Sunday, I am sure Robert's will be here by then and I will pack them up and send them out on Monday 9th. I hope that is okay with everyone. You wouldn't want me to miss a fishing trip, right? LOL!
  21. Robert address just sent. Thanks everyone for joining the swap. i will turn them around as soon as Robert's come im.
  22. Yes Sir! We are waiting on Two sets and I will turn them around. Cheri
  23. JStockard click above. Great deal on hooks right now.
  24. That's BS!! I had no problems with taking my tying gear in my checked bag to San Diego to see the grandbaby. My TSA problem was the TSA rent a cop knocking me to the ground and grabbing my "illegal fire arm" when I was coming through SD check point. Yes the dude knocked me down for my fly rod case! Morons!! Fight it no matter how long it takes!!
  25. Got mine too! awesome ties thanks all and Blizz thanks for hosting!!
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