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  1. AHHH, The sound of sarcasm in the morning!! I love it! hahaha
  2. That will be my plan for the future. But as I stated, I originally took them out of their original bags and put them in a plastic drawer box. Well as the quantity and color selections grew, I found it really hard to find the colors I needed and just stopped using most of the colors all together. I would like to now re-organize in order to make use of all the color selections I have and be able to find one when needed. So when my new tying room is finished i'm going to do one half of the wall with shelves and one half with peg board so I can store alot of my synthetic materials like a store would. Cheers, Chris
  3. Is there anywhere I can buy long bags like the ones this materials comes in... I took alot of them out of the bags when I first started tying and thought I would keep them all in a drawer. So now maybe if I can find some bags that I can put everything back into, I could actually hang them up somewhere.. Cheers, Chris
  4. Problem with that is that most of the area around my desk is shelves and I also like to have a fan on because my tying room isnt very well ventilated. I have to be careful what I have out on the tables or hanging because if I turn on the fan, I could have materials everywhere.. Cheers, Chris
  5. LOL.. No matter what, We will always have idiots in every aspect of fishing, and I do agree that tournament bass fishing does bring out some of the hot head competetive guys that are just out there to prove they are better than everyone and that really dont care about the sport or anyone else for that matter, But there are alot of great people associated with tournament fishing and I will always be a part of it. HOWEVER, On a side note: The reason I took up fly fishing was to be able to get out and fish in peace by myself without being around noise or agressive anglers with huge egos, etc... So I do understand both sides of this and everyone has their opinions and are entitled to it! Get out and fish, anyway you know how! Just try to remember to have fun and keep an open mind.. Cheers, Chris
  6. Hey everyone, I know there are hundreds of ways to sort and store your tying materials, However, I have a pretty good system for most materials. But, when I first started tying I thought that I needed some of every possible color of krystal flash and flashabou, So I did buy 2 of each color in all types of flashabou including saltwater size, and 2 of every color of krystal and glow krystal and glow flashabou, and all the different UV flashes and like 5 packs of purple haze and fushcia haze, etc..... SOOOO now that I have it all, It is all just mixed together in a couple small totes and is just a mess. Impossible to find the color im looking for at the time So i find myself only using the pearl all the time. Long story short- Anyone have any ideas or systems to storing all their flash materials so that they are easily accessible and can find the color you want.. I have seen a small carousel type one from UNI i think but it doesnt hold many and it looks like they all will still get tangled together.. Cheers, Chris
  7. I would say black bucktail or calf tail.. Bucktail can come in many different hair consistencies and can be quite course or very thin and supple.. It's definately not horse hair as I have several horses and tie with their hair regularly.. I would suggest going through your local stores bucktail selection and picking out a couple different black tails that have different consistencies of hair. Also the hair will be different from near the base to near the tip of the tail so try different areas of the tail.. Another material you might try tying these with would be black bear. Very nice stuff.. Cheers, Chris
  8. I'm in if theres still room.. Cheers, Chris
  9. Tidewaterfly-- THANKS, that link was awesome and really gave me some insight into some of the different feathers and what makes them different. I have some to believe that these feathers are from an indian neck or are like you said, an immature rooster and were plucked.. But either way, I went to the shop this morning and found some indian necks, I had to go through about 2 different skins to find one that was worth using though. Anyone know where to find high quality Indian Necks? I KNOW I KNOW.. What an oxymoron! Cheers, Chris
  10. You should have messaged a moderator rather than just posting in a different section. There aren't many moderators and they run this site on their spare time I bet so It takes them a few days up to even a week to approve a post in the trading floor. Just be patient.. cheers, Chris
  11. Definitely not schlappin. Way too small and doesnt feel at all like schlappin. I thought Chinese too BUT I have SEVERAL chinese saddles and none of them have feathers that are consistently this small. And you can tell that these feathers have been plucked from a cape and just put loose in a bag. The person who gave them to me has passed away. But when he gave them to me he told me that he buys them on the skin and they are all the same general length but for the life of me I can't remember what kind of cape/saddle they are from. I thought maybe just a genetic chinese saddle that has been grown to just a certain length but I can't find anything like this anywhere.. I might just have to stick with normal chinese saddles and just use the tips of the feathers.. But what a waste that would be.. Cheers, Chris
  12. Hey everyone, I should know this but I have never really bought this type of feather, nor have I ever looked for them in stores. I use these to tie dressed trebles for my jerkbaits and was given these and now I am almost out of yellow and totally out of white. They were loose when I was given them. I would like to know what type of cape/saddle this would be?? They are relatively small and no longer than 3.5" while most of them are about 2"-3" long. They are perfect for what i've been doing and would like to buy some more in white, yellow, red, and chartreuse. I went to my local shop yesterday and did not find anything like them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  13. Don't forget screaming like a deranged fool and jumping around in the boat like an idiot too. It always helps too if you have at least a 200hp outboard on your 17 foot boat. When I was 10 or 11 (?) my Dad and I were trolling for walleyes in our canoe along the shore of Kinzua Reservoir in NW Pa, a huge lake, during some sort of bass tourney. Long story short, 40 feet off the bank we got run over by a jackass in a Skeeter going wide open. It quite nearly killed me and injured my Dad. Many years later, a friend and I were minding our own business fishing a cove on Lake Mead in Nevada, during a tournament, when another jackass came roaring into the cove and loudly, angrily, yelled at us that he had the "RIGHT" to fish this cove because he paid to be in the tourney and we had to leave. Yeah, my A$$. Even though I know those are isolated incidents, I do not hold a high opinion of "Tournament" bass fishing. That is the same as me saying, "Once I was fly fishing on the Cattaraugus river in NY, and while I was out fishing, Some locals came down and told me to get out of their river and that I was a disgrace for using a womens rod and not a float rod." Yes people can be idiots and no matter where you are you will encounter people that are just ignorant and single minded. but they ARE isolated incidents for the most part and you can't label an entire style of fishing as idiot anglers that don't care about anything or anyone. There is a reason that bass boats have large motors (also, you couldn't put a 200hp on a 17ft boat so I assume you are just being sarcastic??).. 1st- It allows the heavy boat to be able to get onto plane almost immediately in very shallow water and 2nd- When fishing a tournament with 100 other boats and a first place prize of anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000 it can make the difference of 20th place or 1st place by getting to your spots first. If you are fishing with 100 other boats, then likely you are in a race for your favourite spot with atleast 5 to 10 other teams. There are alot of rules with tournaments too, including one that no team can fish within 50 or 100ft (depending on tourny) of another boat, and not within 50metres of any anchored vessel. So if you are ever out fishing while a tournament is taking place and someone tries to bully you off your spot or is getting too close to your boat. Just mention that you know that they have distance rules and that you have no problem calling into the tournament director and having them disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior! ANYWAYS-- I'm not wanting to start a war over who knows what or trying to put anyone in their place. I'm just trying to make everyone a little more open-minded when it comes to other types of anglers. I don't understand why there is such a large underlying tension between Bass anglers and Fly anglers. I notice it alot even in fishing stores. People make comments about the wussy over looking at fly rods or the knuckledraggers over looking at the big heavy overkill bass rods, etc.... Can't everyone just get along?? JEEZE.. Cheers, Chris
  14. TOM- I have been fishing tournaments for several years in ontario and the US. I have never heard of a rule about what line you can use?? I have all the regulation books for any major tournament held in ontario or the US and there is no such rule. I'm just confused as to where you heard that?? Most tournament anglers use heavy braid for a multitude of reasons. With baitcasters, You should not use less than 20lb braid because it is so small a diameter that it digs into inself and then won't cast properly. Secondly, We use heavy braid because alot of times we are fishing around heavy structure or thick weed beds and need that extra strength to get the fish out of the cover as quickly as possible. As for spinning reels, I don't see many people using heavier than 30lb braid which is only 6-8lb diameter of mono... Also, most will carry a large range of extra reels on the boat with different lines like flouro, mono, and braid just incase of a situation where lighter or clear line is needed. I would estimate that 85% of serious bass tournament anglers use braid predominantly due to it's strength, durability and casting distance. Sometime a flourocarbon leader will be attached if using jerkbaits or crankbaits because when casting a lure with treble hooks it tends to catch the line in the air and foul the lure. With a heavy flouro leader like 20lb on the end of your braid, you greatly reduce this problem. And yes, There are still several people who mostly use straight flourocarbon, but you will see this alot less in tournaments these days. The name of the game is, Certain time limit to catch as many fish as possible, Then you weigh in your 5 largest fish for a total weight for the day. If you weigh in ANY dead fish you are penalized usually about 1lb per dead fish or sometimes more. In some seriously strict competitions they have had rules where any dead fish weighed in means disqualification. It is quite hard to keep 5 or more large bass alive and healthy in a small livewell all day long, So alot of care and hard work goes into looking after your fish properly. You need to make sure they are getting enough oxygen and that they are handled properly. Also, You need to keep an eye on the water temp in the livewell so that the fish don't overheat and get stressed out. So in reality, Most tournament anglers are serious about keeping their fish alive and healthy and want those large fish to live and be there to catch another day. There will always be those who just dont care.. But you will find that with any sport or group of people. Cheers, Chris
  15. FTD doesn't have it listed, However, He may be able to get it for you and I'm sure his prices would be the best of anywhere. I can't remember who I got it from but one of the Lure Making websites had super hair in chartreuse, clear, and white.. It was pretty cheap and I received about 3 times as much as the sized piece you receive from a fly shop.. But for the life of me, I can't remember which company had it. Good Luck, Let me know if you find a good source online, as I use quite a bit of it in Chartreuse, blue and white... Cheers, Chris
  16. Hey everyone.. I'm looking for tiers in the southern Ontario area, That would like to get together once a month or even more often to have a group tying session... I have found that my tying greatly improves when I can actually watch another tier in person. Plus, It is lots of fun and you get to meet alot of great people. let me know where you are from and if you would be interested. I think we would have to keep the driving distances to 1.5hrs or Less.. But maybe we can figure something out. Cheers, Chris
  17. Thanks everyone.. Jamie- You are awesome, Tons of info that really helped me. Thanks again and BTW, How did you get that orange with bright yellow tips on the patches of hair on the right in the 2nd pic? Also, when I say hollow, I do mean honeycombed or chambered. I know its not just totally hollow. I just use that term as it is most common. Cheers, Chris
  18. I'm actually just in the process of drying it now as I just washed it all this morning with some Dove soap and a little fabric softener.
  19. LOL.. Ok, Let me know when you get to Mo!! hehe I'm from Ontario.. I think you got me mixed up with someone else. Don't worry.. I'm not that needy for furs.. Anything else she gives me (other than seal or bear) will all be donated to fly tying clubs and classes.. I have already set it up.. As a hobby tier, I will never need more furs than I already have... Cheers, Chris
  20. My camera hasn't been working since I dropped in on my last fishing trip.. I borrowed my dads to take that picture and as soon as I get my camera back i'll take pics of box 2 and 3.. but basically what was in box 2 was: 2 bags of chinese brown mink, 3 envelopes of brown lamb, 1 small bag of red fox pieces, and about 5 envelopes of assorted colors of muskrat. box 3: 1 large chunk of black bear, 1 envelope of black mink pieces, and 2 full coats made of beaver. And she called me today to let me know that she found me some pure white arctic fox pieces left over from a collar. Which is what my favourite fur is! I love tying tube flies with nice long fox.. So i'm set for basic furs for a long time.. But like FatMan said, i'll have lots of goodies to trade. The only furs that I am still wanting more of is bucktail in white or dyed any colors. I have had a hard time finding nice bucktail without just buying it from a fly shop anyways.. and i'm too cheap to buy any north american furs from a fly shop when its all around me! LOL So if anyone has lots of Bucktail and wants to trade for some furs like Muskrat, Mink, coyote, beaver, etc... let me know Cheers, Chris
  21. So I recently bought some elk and moose from FTD and I love how long the hair is. But I have a few questions: Due to the Elk being so light colored from the base to just below the tips, Will this hair dye easily? Is Elk and Moose hollow like bucktail?? Is it normally very brittle? it is very crinkly and i find if i bend it anywhere along the crinkles it breaks very easily. and last but not least, Where can I get moose underfur for dubbing?? Cheers, chris
  22. c-denby

    Anyone know??

    i'm guessing that you are looking for the Ryan that is on the Classic Fly tying forum. Like TroutBum pointed out, He is a very talented gentleman from Ireland. why are you asking? Cheers, Chris
  23. Anyone here ever buy the Elk mane or Moose Mane from FTD? If so, Please PM me.. I have a question Cheers, Chris
  24. Yeah, we don't have a local taxidermist but a friend who hunts has a taxidermist that he uses(the guy is 4hrs away from me), but when he goes he always brings me back something.. usually chunks of deer hair and sometimes turkey tail feathers.. I found a local that farms and sell Elk meat and reindeer meat, I called him today and he said he would start keeping any pieces or whole hides that he has left over and will give them to me in exchange for taking his nephew fishing this summer... Not quite free, but I don't mind having someone to fish with anyways.. Cheers, Chris
  25. LOL.. Sadly, I DID go buy a lottery ticket on the way home from the furriers.. I was thinking the same thing, cuz my luck is NEVER this good! Cheers, Chris
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