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  1. yeah, I'm in canada too, So i'm sure you will get yours soon. My order wasn't shipped until the 17th, which is why it took so long, But once it was shipped its pretty quick getting here to Ontario. It's understandable when you are aone man operation and not only does he have amazing prices but he has SALES where he almost cuts his prices in half. I don't know how he can make a profit but i'm not about to complain. The wait is well worth the quality and quantity of his products. ALSO- does anyone know if his Shuck Yarn is similar to Z-Lon or S-Lon? It looks similar but wasn't sure if its the same thing. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hey everyone, There has been alot of people asking about how to get free or cheap furs and materials. Well I have been keeping in touch with my local furrier ever since I started tying and she always has something for me. usually just small pieces and clippings but sometimes a nice chunk of fur. Well she had me help her move some stuff around her shop this week and said she wanted give me some extra pieces of fur for helping her. This is ONE of the THREE boxes of fur that she gave me today. This is the only one that I have opened up and looked through so far. It contains 7 brown mink skins plus a bag of asst pieces, a full beaver skin, 1/2 a raccoon skin, 2 white fox tails that were sewn to make a collar, a large bag of coyote(about 2 skins), red fox fur, 4 bags/envelopes of asst muskrat and mink pieces and skins, 3 or 4 skins and patchs of fur that I am unsure of the type, 2 envelopes of brown alaska seal fur, and 1 bag of polar bear!! AND AND AND not only is this just 1 of the 3 boxes, but she said that in a month when she moves she will have 10 times as much for me.... Cheers, Chris
  3. They have been out since about may 13th around here. I was quite surprised about how early they were out. Also have been seeing alot of JuneBugs moving about in the grass early in the mornings lately.. Cheers, Chris
  4. I would also suggest going to your local furriers or taxidermists. Alot of furriers will happily give you any cut offs and any leftover bits and pieces because they would just be thrown away anyways. That is where I get the majority of my furs. She trades me fur for helping her move heavy boxes or bring items down from her storage area. I have a friend that hunts and has a favourite taxidermist that he uses. Well, when he took in his deer, he asked about feathers for me and I ended up with a full set of turkey tail feathers and a coyote tail and a bunch of chunks of tanned deer belly hair. Always helps to ask around your local hunting shops too. Some people may not GIVE you furs but may sell you some at a huge discount of what it would cost you in a fly shop. Good Luck Cheers, Chris
  5. ok everyone, I got my order today. Superb Quality just like everyone has said.. Plus the extra freebies that were promised by him for buying during his birthday sale. Awesome. I now have enough dubbing to last me a few years. The congo hair is great and I will now need to buy some of every color because I love how it looks and feels. Anyone who has not purchased from Fly Tyers dungeon. You better go check it out! NOW! By far the best prices i've ever seen on the materials he carries. Cheers, Chris
  6. I have a secret leech pattern that I won't even let my fishing buddies see!! It has been a solid fish producer for me since I started fly fishing. It is incredibly simple design but at the same time it is hard to get the materials to lay perfectly to get the effect that it produces. I'm alot of people have that secret fly or pattern that is a personal or Family recipe and don't share it with anyone. Cheers, Chris
  7. Thanks.. That Felting idea might work well for what i'm using it for.. Cheers, Chris
  8. Hey everyone.. I know there is a use for everything when it comes to tying flies, BUT, it depends on how useful that item is... I am curious as to if Muskrat fur is a popular tying item?? I do not find it very often in fly shops or online. But, I do hear about people using it sometimes. I'm sure the underfur would make good dubbing. What would I mix it with to get a buggy look to it? and what length of fur is best for dubbing medium to large flies?? I have started experimenting with making dubbing but my dubbing never turns out all the good. Any dubbing recipes out there for muskrat fur? Anyways, I ask because I was given a few fur coats and one was muskrat. I still haven't finished cutting it all up and I have more muskrat fur than I know what to do with. I used 2 8" by 8" patches to make a big bag of straight muskrat fur dubbing and just that alone will last me forever. Anyone that can use some muskrat, PM me. I will give you a nice big patch of fur in exchange for a couple flies or whatever.. I can't do this for everyone, so the first 5 people to PM me.. Cheers, Chris
  9. When I started tying, I was introduced to UNI-Lak and have always liked it, Then I started using Sallys, ZapaGap, and Loon UV.. Plus an assortment of colored nail polishes. I have recently went to use my UNI-Lak cements and found that over time they have thickened and became stringy. Anyone use this product and any way to properly thin them? I have like a dozen bottles in different colors and would like to salvage them.. When they were new, They were perfect consistency and I don't understand why they have become thick and stringy over time. I've tried stirring and shaking so it's not just that it has separated or anything. Anyways, i'm still fairly unsure of what cements I prefer most as I have been trying every technique that I can. I still would like to try the Cellire and Kelsons recipe lacs.. Plus I have heard of a few secret recipes that are used on classics that I would like to eventually try.. IMO, it all comes down to a consistency and color preference. They will all work, but it will depend on how it feels for you to work with and the color you are trying to achieve. Cheers, Chris
  10. Where do you buy your rhea? I have only found one place that sells high quality rhea feathers. Most of the shops and online stores in canada that I have found sell 2nd's as their #1 quality rhea. It is always very short barbed. I found one place that sells awesome stuff but they are just too expensive at $14each US.. Cheers, Chris
  11. If you don't want to spend too much but want something that will feel good and be able to tie a multitude of fly types then I would go with the Anvil Atlas OR a Danvise.. Both are very popular vises that won't break the bank.. I liked how the Atlas came with a nice heavy pedestal base AND a Clamp making it great for travel or just moving around the house. I would however like to see an extension bar to make it a little taller. I grew up using a AA and it was pretty tall, and had great clearance for my giant hands.. But at the same time, the Atlas works just fine with my giant hands and I don't find it hard to work with at all.. cheers, Chris
  12. I have been tying on a Anvil Atlas vise for a few years now and it has been able to handle the smallest of drys all the way up to 6/0 salmon irons.. I tie mostly size 10 to size 3/0 hooks using this vise and have never had problems. But I have tied down to a size 20 without issues. Great vise for the money. I'm not sure if its considered a TRUE rotary vise but it definately has a ton of adjustability to make it pretty much true rotary. I usually just use the rotary function to look at the opposite side while tying a fly. This morning, I received my brand new custom built vise that is an improved copy of the NorVise. This was built by a local fly tyer that has also owned a machine shop for 43 years. He made one for himself and when we were tying together, He made the mistake of letting me try it! BAD MISTAKE! So I convinced him to make me one. He just charged me the cost of the materials. It has 3 custom made jaw sets. 1 for basically all sized hooks, 1 for salmon/spey hooks sized 1/0 and larger, and 1 for tube flies. I have been using it all day and have fell in love! I will post some pictures eventually when I get my camera fixed.. Dropped it in the river last fishing trip.. Cheers, Chris
  13. You are a great tyer when it comes to Spey flies. You seem to be very in tune with fine details and having the proper angles/proportions.. This is a great fly and one of my favourites for Ontario steelhead. Keep up the good work. BTW- What body hackle are you using? Coque? Schlappin? Saddle? I've been experimenting with mixing Coque with rhea while hackling my spey flies. I get a full body with a few super long wispy barbules.. Cheers, Chris
  14. Nice looking fly.. Personally I don't like how high and angled the wing is, But that may be how you wanted it.. everything else looks good. I can't tell how the floss is because of some stray body hackles but it seems pretty smooth. The head is GREAT! What hook is this? Cheers, Chris
  15. haha Nice.. Maybe I should move my cherry tree. Where it is they would just fall onto the manure pile and thats a pretty soft landing.. although I have Not seen them fall or even eat from it, But I'm also never near it so I guess I wouldn't know. Cheers Chris
  16. Well, I looked online and found that basically EVERY bird in ontario is illegal to have in possesion if found dead. So I guess the kitties will get a meal after all.. Such a shame. What a gorgeous bird too.. It scared me half to death when it bashed into the window right in front of me while I was eating breakfast. This is the only one that I have ever found dead after hitting the window.. I need to get some curtains for that window or something. thanks guys Chris
  17. I'm in Ontario, Canada.. So i better see what our laws are. They are not always the same as in the US. But if they are the same here then I suppose I will put him back where I found him... About 3 seconds away from my cats stomach!.. If this bird is not protected.. Any others suggestions? I can't cut the back either. Thats where the red feathers are.. Cheers, Chris
  18. feathersMC.com will ship to canada.. BUT he stocks items for Salmon flies only.. You won't find everything you are looking for but what you will find is HIGH quality and fast shipping. I have been ordering from all over lately, Just buying what I can from different places. I would like to see a good online shop based in Canada also, But 95% of new businesses or small businesses can't afford to stock everything that we are looking for to tie all types of flies. Most shops will be specific fly type oriented.. I did find one online shop in Canada a few years ago that had an amazing selection with ok prices, BUT He had to order almost everything in after the customer made the order making shipping a LONG wait. If you can't afford to stock the products, Don't open a store. This guy was only in business for about a year before he went bankrupt. Cheers, Chris
  19. Hey everyone, I had a gorgeous little yellow and red bird fly into my livingroom window this morning and kill itself. Soo, The fly tyer in me decides "WOOO FREE FEATHERS".. BUT it is only about the size of a finch. Do I attempt to skin it? and hope I don't ruin a ton of the small feathers.. Alot of the bright yellow feathers are breast feathers and I would like them all in good condition.. Do I pluck all the useful feathers and sort by color, size, ext.. ?? Do I pluck all the body feathers then prepare the wings whole somehow? Let me know what you think. PS- It is currently in my basement freezer, as I am not bringing it into my house until I know it is bug free. I will freeze it for a day or so, then thaw, then freeze again, then thaw.. Then I'll wash and dry it as a whole bird. THEN............ thats where you all come in.. Cheers, Chris
  20. Hey everyone.. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever used pseudo hackle and if it is very life like? I was given a few large balls of "yarn" from a neighbor who knits.. Well, In the bag of yarns, I came across a couple nice balls of material that is identical to the 1/2" pseudo hackle you buy in fly shops and would like to know if its worth keeping handy or if I should just store it away with all my other dollar store/sewing store items that I thought might come in handy some day.. Cheers, Chris
  21. Well mine was ordered on the 1st of may.. So I guess i'm not the only one who is still waiting.. You would think that he would atleast hire the neighbor kid or something to help him package up all the orders he gets..
  22. I am in Canada also.. Thats why I wasn't too worried about the wait..
  23. Hey everyone, I'm sure alot of you have taken advantage of the celebration specials that FlyTyers Dungeon has quite often. How long does it usually take before you receive your order? I'm 21 days and counting.. I'm sure when he puts on these crazy sales, there are ALOT of orders so i'm not too worried yet. Just seeing what type of time i'm looking at.. I was thinking about making another larger order while I have the money but I have yet to receive my first order to see the quality. Anyone use his dubbings or synthetic hairs? I want to beleive that it will be great quality and worth making a much larger order while the current cale on Congo Hair is still on.. BUT I don't want to make a huge order, then get my first package and find out I got what I paid for. Cheap price = Cheap materials? OR Cheap Price= Great Value? Let me know.. Cheers, Chris
  24. Sorry if I worded it wrong but I also mean't google.. All i did was type "How to fix jungle cock eyes" into Google and got about 40 different methods.. BUT since I've already done the work, here is a good link- http://www.hatchesmagazine.com/page/month/320 I know you have alot of questions.. and at times so do I just like everyone else.. And alot of times it's good to ask questions.. BUT before asking a question I try to do some research on it before making myself look lazy.. i'm not telling you not to ask questions because thats what we are all here for, Just suggesting you look a little harder sometimes. I found this within seconds of you saying you found nothing.. Cheers, Chris
  25. Mark, Since you dont have much money to spend I would suggest looking at buying Loose jungle cock from feathersMC.com John sells loose jungle cock eyes in 3 different sizes at $9.99 each or a bag of each size for $24.99.. BUT each bag contains around 100 feathers approximately. An amazing value if you are willing to fix the eyes yourself.. its like getting a whole cape for $25 but most are splits.. Some are nice solid eyes though.. I just received my order and it is quite the value.. OR you can buy a full cape of splits on ebay for about $40 but then you run the risk of an infestation.. ALSO-- Do a search because there have been ALOT of posts regarding fixing jungle cock eyes.. There is tons of information if you just take the time to look for it.. Cheers, Chris
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