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  1. I suppose that would be an idea if I could find some... But i'm not sure if the bristles would have the natural curved shape that you get when using boar bristles...

    Thanks for the Idea.. I'll look into the brushes..






    Also- If anyone in Canada or US has like 5-10 bristles in orange or Red or black that they would sell me at the moment I would greatly appreciate it.. If you can help me out then email me your address and I will mail payment asap..


    c-denby AT hotmail.com


    Thanks everyone.

  2. I now have to keep all my bucktails in a locked cupboard because my dog has ripped apart about 10 of them in the past month. he can smell them even inside of sealed tote boxes and will chew through the plastic box to get to them. It all started because I let him smell one while I was tying in front of the TV.. Well bad mistake because now he is addicted to finding them and KILLING them!.. lol :)

  3. Love the look of this fly.. My 2cents would be to swap the blue kingfisher for a red GP wing hackle.. Reason I say this is because after seeing that fly, I tied one up myself and used a red GP feather rather than blue... It still gives it that two toned look but not soo BOLD..



    anyways.. Thanks for sharing that fly with us.. I think it might be a winner for me this spring..

  4. This is one of the many reasons I don't consistently shop at Bass Pro or Cabela's... Whether it be radically changing prices or HUGE drops in product quality. And then dont get me started on their "Customer Service" or "Product Knowledge".... I would rather pay higher prices and support my local shops ,than to have to deal with Bass Pro... Even if the prices are drastically different.. Although, within a few months I'm sure that "great price", won't be so Great..



    Sorry If my rant makes no sense.. I Have bad blood when it comes to past experiences with Bass Pro and Cabela type stores..



  5. Very cool poppers.. I have always liked fishing them. Just never actually tied one. Considering I have all the materials necessary to make them I guess I should give them a try. It looks pretty fun being able to paint and design them an colour patterns you want. and the great thing is that the fish really only see the bottom So you can make any cool designs you want on top, leaving the possiblities endless and extremely creative.


    Maybe I'll make a few tonight at our local fly fishing clubs open tying night...


    Anything I need to know before putting a few popper bodies together?





  6. I tried burnt hackle one but as you found it is very brittle. I now buy heron or substitutes like pheasant rump, and peacock.



    Silver Doctor- Where do you buy these from? As I find it very hard to get heron or pheasant rump in bright dyed colours..



    Troutbum- I do use schlappen, Actually more often than anything else as I really like working with it.. However I'm working on a pattern that schlappen just isn't working. needs to be a little more stiff and basically no web on the barbs at all. The pattern calls for cock hackle and the original tier said that nothing else worked just right.

    So I have been attempting to make this burnt cock hackle work but I may just go use the schlappen and hope it turns out half decent.





  7. Try going to your local sewing shop and look for this:


    Gutermann 100% polyester Mettalics collection thread. I have several spools and they come in 200m spools. They have a HUGE selection of colors available and it looks just like XS size oval tinsel BUT it is round. It sells for about $3.50- $4.50 depending on the colors but again these are 200meter spools.



  8. Very nice Sheri.. I love the table. I wish I could have a similar table made for me but about 5 times larger to hold all my mess. Currently I am working from about the same amount of space, but on a large office desk that is about 5' x 7'... Figure that one out!!! :wallbash:

    Maybe I should clean some of the junk off my desk and i'd have a great work station. PLUS I might find the other half of my laptop :P



    I will post some pictures also once I find my camera.. Also on this desk somewhere.

  9. WOW.. what a website. Castle Arms has EVERYTHING and looks to be very high quality. HOWEVER, In order to ship to me in Ontario, Canada. It would be the price plus tax Plus $55 USD to ship out of the US... then I would pay duties on top of all that.. YIKES.. I better save up some money and make a big order.


    He has some feathers there that I won't ever be able to tie with in my wildest dreams.. Well maybe when I win a few Million $$.. :P


  10. Unfortunately I dont use ebay because I had to get rid of my Paypal account after maxing my CC numerous time while having an addiction to buying antique lures.. :whistle:


    Besides I have always been skeptical about buying on ebay after being ripped off a couple times with old lures. and buying Feathers would worry me even more about getting quality or getting the correct feathers.


    Thanks for the idea though.



  11. I'm looking for a few medium sized Tragopan Pheasant feathers.. Preferably Breast feathers and maybe a couple eyes from the back of the bird..


    Also would love to find an Indian Kingfisher skin or atleast a few nice bright blue body feathers useable for cheeks on a couple salmon patterns I have been working on.


    I don't tie many salmon flies but have really wanted to get a nice kingfisher skin for sometime now and even though they are not that rare or expensive they always seem unavailable here from any of our local shops. And the teminick's Tragopan pheasant is also a hard find for me but I would only need a few assorted sized feathers to complete a couple salmon flies I have been working on for a birthday present.



    Thanks everyone.. If anyone could help me out, please PM or email me at [email protected] DOT com





  12. Flytire- Please message me via email if you don't mind.. As I can't contact you via the board PM's. [email protected] DOT com Thanks..



    Also, I have found a few nice spools of silk floss from a local shop last night that were found in the back of a shelf. They aren't labeled but ARE single strand and seems to lay pretty flat. Colors were a little faded but they will work for now until I get my wrapping skills up to par and am able to work with any type of floss without frustration.


    Thanks everyone..





  13. I am working on a few new patterns from a magazine and after searching my local fly shop I was unable to find the proper hackle I was looking for SO i bought some packs of Burnt Spey Hackle as it was the next closest thing.


    Now my problem is that with such a thick dry stem, when I try to wrap it, The stem breaks. Even if I strip just one side off, and i've done it with a razor and tried every trick I can think of. It is just too expensive for such a small bag of feathers to be ruining so many without even being able to complete one fly.


    If I steamed it or let it sit in a bowl of warm water would it soften the stem so it can be wrapped?


    I'm sure it has something to do with being bleached and covered in chemicals that the stem and barbs have become quite hard and brittle.

    However it will make the perfect hackle for me if I can just get it to wrap nicely.



    ALSO- Does anyone here have some pink, SD Blue, black or red cock hackle that has atleast an inch long barbs on them?? Basically I need cock hackle wide enough for spey flies.. If so I would be willing to purchase some just so i can tie a couple of these tube flies up.





  14. Flytire- I understand that there is nothing wrong with separating 2 or 4 strand and using just the one strand. However, Generally when you separate floss you would only separate a piece long enough for what you are doing or maybe ever a metre long or so. BUT you are not able to then use it with a spool and bobbin. How would a person separate an entire spool of floss and make 1 spool of 4 strand into 4 spools of 1 strand? :) here lies the problem for me.. If my hands are too rough to use just a small piece and so i need to use a spool and bobbin, How do I get a spool full of single strand floss?? :wallbash:


    I do sometimes just use 2 or 4 strand floss straight off the spool, but when I want/need just a single flat strand I tend to just forget about tying that fly and do something else because I know i'll get so frustrated and just give up with the floss fraying apart in my fingers while trying to wrap it.


    The only option that would make much sense to me at the moment is try to find a spool of silk floss that comes on a spool in a single flat strand so i can use it right from the spool OR buy a pair of silk gloves and hope that they aren't too annoying to wear while wrapping the floss.




    Thanks guys..



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