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  1. I HATE wrapping floss and/or silk as I always seem to catch the fibers on the hook point or a rough patch of skin or something and it just gives me soooo much trouble.

    I "try" to keep my fingers clean and smooth with good moisturizers. But just doesnt always work as do alot of machinist work and carpentry and my hands are hand to keep smooth.


    Sooo..Can anyone give me some tips?


    Maybe wearing silk gloves??

    And what about the hook point issue?





    Thanks everyone..




  2. I dont tie many drys.. I tie mostly steelhead and salmon flies and alot of Speys and tube flies.. So this might work for me.. I'll try it and see.



    Where can a person find Mohair OTHER than on a little spool from UNI? Is it able to be purchased from quilting stores or do they make Mohair rugs or carpet? As I would be able to get carpet pieces from the local carpet shops for free..

  3. Hey guys and gals.


    Today I was at the salvation army looking for a hot pot for steaming materials and came across 2 very large bags of assorted colours of yarn.


    First bag contained a number of bags of SHAGnelle 4" Gut Yarn 100% Polyester.


    Second bags contained several packages of 3" Rug Yarn 100% Dupont Orion Acrylic.




    I know I can use this stuff for patterns where they call for yarn tails and such, However, I thought I read somewhere that Rug/Carpet fibres are great if you grind it down into dubbing??



    Anyone have any other uses for this stuff? I have quite the supply of it now!.. For $1 I got Ten 3oz bags of the 4" Gut Yarn and $.50 for 24 - 1oz packs of the 3" Rug yarn. And I could get about a hundred more bags if this stuff is useful.

  4. ok I need a few opinions here. I have heard the following things when it comes to storing your large feathers like Rhea plumes, Ostrich plumes, Lady Amherst Tail, Ringneck tails, peacock tails, golden pheasant tails, ETC.. basically anything that is longer than 12"


    Well originally I was told you should store them all in a long flat container like an underbed tote box. So thats what I have had them in. However I'm not building a new entire fly tying/ lure making room and I wont have enough space to store those large long box's anywhere convenient.


    SO then I was told that it is fine to just have them all standing vertical in a jar or vase on your desk/table. And other than dust they are fine like that.


    Now yesterday I was talking to a fly shop owner about how I have them stored and he had a bit of a melt down and said that they MUST MUST MUST be stored in the original long bags they came in and HUNG on a wall so they stay straight.




    Let me know what your opinion is, as I'm just curious if leaving them in a jar standing vertical will cause them to curl and become useless for flies when you want a nice straight barb.



  5. I use mainly UNI because it is what both my local shops carry. If I am tying something for show, then i'll sometimes use other brands when I want better quality or just a certain look.


    Currently trying to find a quality Silk that is not so expensive.. Most are about $5ish for like 8Meters so I have been trying to find some quality silk from sewing shops but have yet to find anything useable.


    Anyone have any ideas?

  6. There are only 2 coats there.. Pictures 1 and 2 are One coat and pictures 3, 4, & 5 are another coat.


    I found out that the first coat is dyed red fox and the second coat is muskrat and beaver mix. I left them with the furrier today as he was too busy to look at them so I'm going to pick them up tomorrow and he will let me know if they have any value to them. If they do have any value I will most likely sell them to him and just use the money to buy some materials that I really need..


    ALSO while I was there he gave me an extra large freezer bag full of small pieces of fur that he was going to throw away. There are a few nice size chunks and contents were mostly muskrat but had a few nice pieces of black bear, beaver, and mink plus a full fox tail. He convienently marked on the back of each piece what they were so now I have a great little stash of natural furs to tie with..


    For everyone who told me to check with the furrier. THANKS because it greatly helped me with more than just those coats.




  7. Hey everyone.. Does anyone know where I might find a used copy of the Fly Tyer's Bench Side reference?? I've used every dime I have buying materials for tying tube flies (and still have no wheres near what I would like :lol: ) So i'm trying to track down a used or new but cheaper copy of this book.


    If anyone know where I might find one then please send me a PM or email..



    NO EBAY as I don't have an ebay account anymore- I cut myself off after maxxing out my credit card twice in less than a month on ebay.


    Thanks guys and gals




  8. Hey guys, I've been on the site for a couple weeks now but haven't gotten around to introducing myself yet.


    Most of my fishing time is spent in bass tournaments but I have recently started to enjoy the tranquility of centerpin fishing and fly/spey fishing. It tends to relax me after a week or two of tournaments and all the competitiveness of other anglers, and allows me to really enjoy nature and my surrounding while i'm out on a quiet river by myself or even with a couple other people.


    I have been tying flies for about a year or so. It originally started with tying bucktails and jigs for bass and walleye fishing and then I tried tying some streamers for trout fishing on the Niagra river just below the falls. Well after awhile I found myself intrigued with the details and beauty of spey, dee and traditional salmon flies, So I started tying basic flies like buggers and egg sucking leeches and so forth. In the past month I have been attempting to learn basic spey fly tying, as well as, Tube flies. I love tying bright colourful flies and the tubes allow me to do that and they are generally much easier for me to tie due to the diameter being much larger than a hook.


    I suppose my ultimate tying goal would be; being able to tie ANY style of fly without second guessing my colours, threads, hook size, wing or hackle length, etc...



    I work in a tackle store here in Ontario and I love it. I'm able to be around all the new lures and tackle, plus I get to talk to customers about fishing all day long. The only job that might be better would be owning a fishing lodge and being able to guide or go fishing as much as I want.


    If anyone has any questions for me I can be PM'd or Emailed at [email protected]




    Chris Denby

  9. Well the top one (possible fox or dyed muskrat) is in BAD shape. Ripped in several places and was purchased at an auction for $3 for the purpose of tying flies. I was just getting into tying and thought I might use it then forgot about it and it got shoved away in the attic.


    The second one was my grandma's and does have a little sentimental value to it but it has a bad spot on the collar where a mouse or something chewed on it while in storage. It also does have some nice long hair in places that would be great for zonkers or using for hairwing flies. BUT I suppose I better have it appraised before getting out the scissors and then finding out it could have paid for a ton of materials that I really DO need..


    OK guys I'll take it to the furrier's tomorrow and see what he says. If its not worth a whole lot and I do cut it up:


    How do I clean it without wrecking anything? AND Should I freeze the pieces after cleaning but before using it near my other tying materials??


    Thanks everyone.


  10. Hey, I was cleaning out the attic and found a couple fur coats. One I think is red fox fur and the other I was told is Mink, however, I'm really not sure. Do you guys know what type of fur these coats are? AND are they useful to me for tying? Don't want to cut apart grandma's antique fur coat unless it will actually benefit my tying bench.. :lol:










  11. I know I know.. Seems like a simple answer that I should KNOW.. However after reading a few fly recipes that I would enjoy trying and not really being able to see what it is they are refering to as badger hackle, It has be confused.


    Simple question- Is it a cock hackle that is coloured to look like badger? OR is it Badger hair that has been hackled??


    Thanks everyone for your patience and helpful tips in the past. I'm hoping to figure this one out so I can try some of these flies. Now I did try tying one with just a white cock hackle and it just didnt look right.





  12. I have just recently started using fox tail and really love it for spey and tube flies..


    Adiposfin- Wow.. GREAT GREAT looking flies. Those are some of my favourite patterns/ colours of tube flies and I have been working on increasing my tying skills to be able to consistently tie similar flies whether it be tubes or spey/salmon flies.

    Also, Could you PM me and let me know what brand of double hooks you are using? I have been having trouble finding good double hooks here in Ontario. I'm after double hooks for tube flies AS WELL AS double salmon hooks with an up eye.



  13. You have several options and it really depends on the size of flies your tying. First option is using a bodkin or sewing needle to apply the head cement, you can apply very precisely this way. Second option is buying a couple small paint brushes and triming them or buying head cement that comes with a brush inside and trimming to prefered amount of bristles, OR if you have a local drug store then buy a bottle of Sally Hanson's Hair as Nails, It is a clear gloss coat used for fingernails but is probably one of the most used head cements for fly tying everywhere. Third option is to buy an applicator bottle sold by Wapsi, Loon, Sunrise, and many other fly material companies.


    I live in Canada and only know of canadian websites that sell these applicators but i'm positive that you could get one from any of the major fly supply websites in the US.

    If you can't find one locally, Let me know as I have a few kicking around somewhere.



  14. I don't have the links to the horse hair flies, However if you do a search on this forum You should find one post about it. One of our members recently tied a few Horse hair flies and thats where I originally got the idea.


    Once spring comes and we start cutting the horse manes and tails, I will make up a bunch of hanks of hair and give away to anyone who would like to try. Usually when we cut the manes We take off quite a bit of hair, and with 10 horses, I will have enough hanks of horse hair to last 10 lifetimes.

    At the moment I have been cutting a little bit here and there but we don't usually cut any hair while it is still cold out and with snow on the ground.




  15. In a castle, far, far away, there lived a beautiful princess named Ephemera who was on her horse with a special mission to find a prince. His name was Hardy and he was the most courageous and skilled prince in the land. Now as Ephemera approached the prince she said, "How are you today?" He said, "I'm fine, thank you. What do you want, Princess?" I would like a purple, horned chumpa to play my miniature piano and my loveable pet pony, Patty.

    "Pretty Princess," purred the prince as the chupa sat eating a guy named Mike. He tasted bad, like rotten fishheads. Now, the ''Pretty Princess'' also said that she needed a prince to marry or she will not be Queen. So the prince said, "I'm already married, but she's 105 and has tapeworms... doesn't have long before the worms finish her off. When that happens, I'll be free. So I can be your prince."


    But the princess was an Elizabethan poet, more sensitive about the fact that the prince might be over 105 years old. So she asked him how old he was. He said, "I am 2 yrs old."

    "Oh?! Then I will not be able to marry you anyway." So he explained how He was so young. "Time travel is the key," He said. So he began explaining that 1 year the chumpa ate an important component so I gave him money and a thank you, and the chumpa let me have the guy's treasures. Now the really interesting thing is that I'd seen Hardy at the Hardware store. Hardy's Hardware carried the tools to fix the time machine. So Hardy retrieved the blueprints for the time machine. The necessary parts are too expensive so he had to make the parts. The machine hummed the motte to dirt. The next moment I was 2 yrs old. Crawling across the kitchen floor of the gingerbread house

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