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    Do many of you use Rhea for tying spey flies? and are there different qualities available? I have been hesitant to buy because a 8" piece here is $19.99 Pros and Cons to using this as a main spey hackle when a long whispery profile is wanted?
  2. In a castle, far, far away, there lived a beautiful princess named Ephemera who was on her horse with a special mission to find a prince. His name was Hardy and he was the most courageous and skilled prince in the land. Now as Ephemera approached the prince she said, "How are you today?" He said, "I'm fine, thank you. What do you want, Princess?" I would like a purple, horned chumpa to play my miniature piano and my loveable pet pony, Patty. "Pretty Princess," purred the prince as the chupa sat eating a guy named Mike. He tasted bad, like rotten fishheads. Now, the ''Pretty Princess'' also said that she needed a prince to marry or she will not be Queen. So the prince said, "I'm already married, but she's 105 and has tapeworms... doesn't have long before the worms finish her off. When that happens, I'll be free. So I can be your prince." But the princess was an Elizabethan poet, more sensitive about the fact that the prince might be over 105 years old. So she asked him how old he was. He said, "I am 2 yrs old." "Oh?! Then I will not be able to marry you anyway." So he explained how He was so young. "Time travel is the key," He said. So he began explaining that 1 year the chumpa ate an important component so I gave him money and a thank you, and the chumpa let me have the guy's treasures. Now the really interesting thing is that I'd seen Hardy at the Hardware store. Hardy's Hardware carried the tools to fix the time machine. So Hardy retrieved the blueprints for the time machine. The necessary parts are too expensive so he had to make the parts. The machine hummed the motte to dirt. The next moment I was 2 yrs old. Crawling across the
  3. cool fly.. very natural colors yet still so vibrant... keep them coming..
  4. I have wanted to try a similar fly for some time now.. but very hard to find mink here.. and when you do it is a little 2"x2" patch for a crazy price
  5. very cool little fly.. Would be killer up here for winter steel
  6. very very nice fly.. What kind of hackle did you use when matching the floss colors? I would love to attempt that fly
  7. I have been trying some spey flies lately and have been experimenting with different materials. so yesterday I bought a few packs of spey plumes because I noticed a few guys talking about them on here. Are these generally just a 50/50 chance of getting quality feathers or is there a certain brand that are better quality than others? The ones I purchased were your common "Hareline Dubbing" brand and I found that in a pack of 8 to 12 plumes I got maybe 1 or 2 useable feathers and the rest were curled really bad with super thick stems and the majority actually looked like a mouse or rat had chewed away on the sides of the plumes but at further inspection they are actually just poor quality. Do I need to use a dubbing loop to get a good look with these maybe? Any help would be great.. Chris
  8. Cart Z- They were given to me by a sales rep that works for one of our suppliers at the tackle shop I work at. He said that they were extras that weren't supposed to be in a shipment and didn't know what else to do with them. On a side note, They only sell for $3.00 here anyways.
  9. I was going through my Float fishing gear and found a couple tubes of UV Knot Sense and thought I would give it a try on some fly heads but I don't have a UV light to cure it. BTW, Canadian websites would be BEST but willing to purchase from the US also, just costs more shipping to get it here to Ontario.. Thanks Chris
  10. I actually thought that same thing also.. All Right/right or Left/left. maybe thats why our supplier just gave them to me? hmmmm...
  11. I am partial to Anvil's line of scissors as these are what I bought from the very beginning and have never had an issue with them. However As my skills grow, So does my collection of tying tools and I have recently purchased a couple pairs of Dr Slicks. 3.5" arrow's and 4" microtip's. I really have grown to love these Dr Slicks in the last week but we will see how they hold up against my Anvil's in the long run. All in All.. My votes go to ANY of the Anvil's or Dr Slick's depending on the style and price range that you want. Chris
  12. darn.. That is realistic enough to give me goose bumps.. Great Fly Chris
  13. great look speys.. I've recently caught the spey fly bug and have been ATTEMPTING to tie some spey flies of my own design.. Not very succesfully I might add. Chris
  14. She must have the fly fishergirl genes, as that is one beautiful color combination. I might have to give that recipe a try someday.. Hope she is doing better. Chris
  15. very nice looking fly.. I am going to give that recipe a go later tonight.. Pretty sure mine won't turn out quite as nice as yours but we'll see. Thanks for the pattern upload. Chris
  16. Ok great to know.. thanks RSTOUT. I will have to try tying with these tails then.. I've never really used any large tails for tying. Other than small hackles and marabou and such.
  17. ok so they just naturally have discoloration like this on the sides of the feathers? I've never used this type of feather before so I was sure what they are supposed to look like. thanks guys Also.. NOT brittle at all.. They feel like a normal fresh feather but just have discoloration on some edges and the yellow ones almost look like they were bleached on the left edge but may just have been that way when they were dyed and it just came out looking this way.. thanks
  18. I was given these Ringneck pheasant tail feather pairs. I was given a set of each yellow, green and brown.. Well the brown pair looks great But the yellow and green pairs have some discolouration and kinda look nasty. Is this normal and just a bad quality? Or did something cause this? thanks
  19. well thats good then because yesterday while I was there I bought a 3pk of crochet hooks and some silk ribbon.. :hyst:
  20. Hey everyone.. I was at the local fabric/sewing shop looking for some silk floss and was out of luck.. However they have a bunch of spools of Rayon embroidery thread on clearance(similar in size to a normal sewing thread). Would this be of any use to me on the tying bench or just another box of spools that I will give away in 5 years? Also, am I better to buy "Fly Tying" Silk floss or is the stuff at a sewing shop basically the same? Thanks Guys.. Chris
  21. Great selection of flies guys and gals.. I had a very hard time selecting just one. I looked at each fly several times before being able to decide on a winner, But in my opinion there would be a 3 way tie for First Place if it were up to me.. Hopefully some day my tying abilities are up to those standards. Chris
  22. c-denby

    GOLD !!!!

    it truly was a great game.. Due to the fact that i'm Canadian, I would be lying if I said that I would have been fine if either team won.. BUT if USA had won gold, I would have still been proud that we made it to the final game.. Great game played by both Canada and USA. USA really had me worried when they scored that game tying goal in the last 20 seconds, and both teams were playing 200% and I believe it was a 50/50 chance of either team winning when it really came down to it.
  23. Thanks everyone.. I live in Ontario, Canada and at the moment its fairly cold here, plus my tying room is in the basement and currently not being heated SO i'm not too worried about pests at the moment due to the temperature that I keep my materials at, However once the warm weather approaches and I start collecting materials from the wild and unknown sources, I figured that I should have some type of quarantine/cleansing plan in place so that I do not allow any unwanted pests into my hard earned collection of materials. I look forward to any more comments on this topic, however I think i've pretty much got a good idea of how to protect my materials.. Thanks Guys and Gals, Chris
  24. c-denby

    GOLD !!!!

    WOOOO It's great to be Canadian today!!! Yessir.. We just won gold in sudden death overtime.. Crosby scored the winning goal..
  25. Once again, Rockworm, Thanks for your help. I am currently only buying my materials from reputable stores and companies but as I've learned on here, There are many cheap and/or free materials and alternative materials that I can acquire from other sources so I would like to be prepared when/if I do receive materials from the wild or any other means and know how to keep my current materials safe from any infestations that might arise. I will be making sure to keep a log of all my materials and where they come from, plus if they've been quarantined and for how long, etc... Thanks, Chris
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