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  1. Thanks Rockworm, For you help.. I'm heading out to the barn right now to do some "trimming"..
  2. Hey everyone, I have noticed recently that a few people have been tying with horse hair and I have found a few patterns that call for it. Now I live on a horse ranch and we cut the mane's quite often so I would be crazy not to gather up a bunch of hair to use for my flies. Now here is the big question, How do I clean the hair? I would prefer to be able to get a big bunch of hair and crimp them all together at one end like you would find with krystal flash and other synthetics, But once i've done this, How would I go about cleaning and making sure there is no bugs or eggs?? We have several different kinds of horses and different color mane's so I would be able to get some white color that I could Dye. Would this be possible and/or How would I Dye it?
  3. Hi guys and gals, I'm new to the forum but have been poking around soaking up as much information as I can for the last few weeks. My question today is: Even if I purchase my materials from a respected store and it is a quality brand should I still be quarantining or atleast freezing any and all new materials before storing on my bench? Also, When storing should everything be kept in sealable bags and/or sealable containers? As I currently have all my bucktail, squirrel tail, deer hair, etc., All together in one drawer of a plastic storage container and it does not seal, nor do I have any of the hair in their own bags. However everything is all from the same brand company and "SEEMS" clean and free of any infestations. Lastly, Do synthetics need to be stored in sealable containers? (Krystal Flash, Flashabou, EP fibers, Slinky Fibers, etc.) Now before anyone tells me I should have done my homework and searched the forum history and articles on such topics. I HAVE and these few questions are what have yet to be answered for me. Thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on my dilemma, Chris D.
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