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  1. I have my law for 1 1/2 year and think i never need another one. Nice to see more ppl are interested in a law,its a good decent strong vise with everything on it you need. Ok the price may seem a bit to much for "just a vise" but you get what your paying for. On the other hand......it looks nice and you can see its handmade. It will keep its value,ever seen a secondhand law for sale??? ,but in the pricerange that you pay for a law there are ofcourse more good decent vises. Klaas
  2. Oliver Edwards got some new dvd's out. One pattern i like and looks realistic is his sculpin. Hook: any streamerhook longshank, at 1/3 the hook is bend up 20/30 degrees. thread: powersilk/any strong thread. weight:leadwire,wraped under the hookshank parralel to create a wider body. Body(midlle part) dubbing:white or creamy yellow. Body: V-shaped rabbitstrip,hairs cut short,tail is cut in shape. Head:sculpin wool(i used eggyarn) tied in like deerhair then cut in shape. Pectoral fins:polypropolene or simulair fibres. Eyes:stick-on eyes. Collor:waterproof markers. I call them muppets,sure they gonna catch fish. Klaas
  3. Scary creeper :sick: i dont like those "horrorbugs". Klaas
  4. I used to work somtimes with all kinds of polyester and more of that chemical stuff. What might work is hairspray(we used to buy it special for that) when you spray it on the surface gets hard and the airbubble breaks. It only works when the airbubbles are just below the surface. Try first a bit on some paper and see if it works. Klaas
  5. I got some more rodbuilders for you http://www.g2flyfishing.nl/uk/index.html http://rs-flyfishing.com/index_uk.htm http://www.fries-rods.dk/lang/uk/main.htm http://www.bambooflyrods.com/ http://www.wagnerrods.com/ http://www.joslinflyrods.com/ http://kaneklassics.com/ http://members.tripod.com/bambooflyrods/flyrods.html http://members.clnk.com/caneman/images/fly...f/caneindex.htm http://www.rifflewaterrods.com/ http://www.canerod.com/rodmakers/ http://www.ronkusse.com/ http://www.edelweiss-fishing.ch/ http://www.shentel.net/canerod/ http://biphome.spray.se/goraneriksson/tapers.html http://www.tonkincane.com/ http://www.zhusrods.com/ http://www.kingfisherrodco.com/ http://www.flevocane.nl/ http://www.keone.com/ http://www.cjw-hengels.nl/ http://www.rodguild.com/ http://www.shikariblanks.com/shikariblanks/home.html http://bobmrc1.tripod.com/ http://www.dutchrivers.nl/ http://www.fairplayhengels.nl/ Hope you can use some of them. Klaas
  6. Great to hear that,cant wait till next month so mail me a copy with the questions and answers :j_k: . Good work Sam. Klaas
  7. I tried J.Stockard last week,i got it here in 5 days,but i live in europe the netherlands. So i just can say that they send out the order realy quick,same as if i would order it in europe. I also order by cabelas,also good but not so fast as j. stockard. When i order over 100 dollar i have to pay extra tax here to,so then i let it deliver by frends in detroit,they send it as a normal/birthdaygift or whatever packadge to me with a value under 100 dollar(sssssshhhht this is in fact a crime if you do this) on it. Once i ordered for me and a few frends for 800 dollar,value on it...under 100 dollar....customercontroll did check it and they said......hhhmmmm its about 200 dollar so extra tax will be 50 dollar,ahum so that realy turned a smile on my face and my frends,i even tipped the postman . They cant check every packadge by hand or scan,when it has a bill from a shop on it you pay tax over it. And shops have to put a bill on it and their adress so there is nothing they can do to make it cheaper for you and you cant blame them for that. So if you live outside the country where you order something try to find a good frend there....you know what to do then how to get it to you without paying extra tax. It also helps if you dont use the original packadgebox,a drawing from a 6 year old kid on a normal paperbox with ....Hapy birhtday...on it camouflage that its from a shop or has high value stuff in it. Saving on shippingcosts is the same,most is shipped by private post if its outside the country like ups. Let it deliver by a frend inside the country and when they send it to you its by normal post,alot cheaper. Klaas
  8. Hey Olb Try google on oliver edwards and you find some of his flies. Klaas
  9. That are beauties,i love em. Klaas
  10. Hey Ulf I know those to,in dutch they named"engerling" is the larva from.....uhh ok in dutch and when you see the pics you know the beetle. But free translated its an "maybeetle" http://images.google.nl/images?q=engerling...eldingen+zoeken This is the beetle. http://images.google.nl/images?svnum=10&hl...ff=1&q=meikever They are very good bait for perch,they love em. Klaas
  11. Thats an great fly,ive been looking a long time for something like this. Did you bend the legs with heath?. Klaas
  12. I dont see anything wrong with the fly,nice litlle streamer. Big head with big eyes,right collors in black/red so the eyes are the "eyecatcher" for trout and bass. Klaas
  13. Yeah starting to tie flies without good help can be frustrating,when i started i used on every fly atleast 1 mile of thread so they all looked bulky. Joining a club or take lessons is the best you can do. Also looking around on the "net" for tying instructions,google realy works. http://www.danica.com/flytier/hweilenmann/cdcelk.htm instruktionmovie for cdc elk. http://kwsu.publictelevision.org/stations/...sp?eid=12&pid=2 alot more. http://www.flyfishtv.com/tyingRecipes.htm# more http://www.mustad.no/products/premium/sign..._flyt_video.htm more http://www.artsnflies.com/pages/online_videos.shtml more Just watch what they are doing,you dont have to tie those flies but now you know how to tie them What helps to tie better is practice,try to tie 3 or 4 the same flies,the last one will look the best because you know what you were doing. Klaas
  14. Lets see.....who won the last contest here....he whas pretty unknown but what a beautiful fly he tied. There might be people tying realistic flies and we almost dont see them. Lets say its an pretty long list wit "the best" realistic tyers,if there whas one,and it will continue on the backside of the list . Klaas
  15. Thats a great fly Ulf,and it doesnt look scary like those spiders :headbang: Did you use raffia for the wings??? Klaas
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