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  1. Has anyone got any 9' 5wt's that are in great shape for sale?
  2. Awsome Crayfish man, the smallies here in Kentucky would love em.... GREAT TIE
  3. Hey guys thanks for the info. I will be fishing all types of waters sometimes i will have to sling a little farther than usal and no cover will be fished I was actually looking at a orvis clearwater outfit I actually have a 5/6 wt bamboo that need recon. i am thinking about doing that instead of buying a new rod. what is everyones take on that (new rod or fix the bamboo)
  4. Hey guys and gals I am wanting to buy a new fly rod but can't decide which one to get. I am wanting something thats good to cast size 10-12 flies fishing for pan fish, trout or bass
  5. Hey thanks friend, I will defiantly. try all of your tips!
  6. Hey Guys and Gals I am heading to the Little Pigeon this weekend. I have never fished there so any pointer, fly selections or anything would help me out, Thanx!!
  7. Hey Guys and Gals, I am heading to Pigeon Forge next weekend to fish the little Pigeon River. Has anyone got any suggestions on flies or techniques??
  8. Nice Popper Big Daddy Hub, great tie
  9. Congrats!!!! Your Grand Baby is absolutely beautiful!!
  10. Congrats Cheri, everyone will be in my prayers!! Keep us posted!
  11. cspears0006


    Thanx to all for the prayers for my wife and newborn daughter. Everyone is healthy and doing great.
  12. Hey guys I'm sitting here in the hospitol waiting on my wife to give birth to our precious baby girl. Just wanted everyone to say a prayer for us. Thanks I will keep everyone posted!
  13. Smart man, alot of people don't look at things in that way but oh well let them sit in the dark..lol.. yeah I gotta agree I would def. not turn my back to that little lady of yours Hub, she might hit ya like a spider monkey...lol... nice looking family that you have there man.
  14. Love the mines man, alot of people these days are miss informed about them. Everyone I work with are like a brother to me. It is always good to see fly fishing coal mining supporters.
  15. Lol it is true, here in the county of Floyd we often tie ropes and large stones to men's legs of the hairy chested nature, throw them off a bridge, if you float you live and are worshiped as a king if you don't then guess we will see you in a couple of weeks at the locks....bahahaha, how did you like the "ye old" english in that one She floats..... she's a witch!!!! No... she's a duck. And hair or not you look like you would definitely float!!! You men are just jealous that I survived the 2010 dunking of the Sasquatch festival here in the great state of Kentucky... bahahaha Canebreak Born on a Canebreak, Raised by a bear Got a double set of jaw teeth, fine coat of hair Cast iron b@!!$ and a heart of ice I'm a mean motherf***er, I'm a Coal Miner BY G##!
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