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  1. Thanks for hosting the swap Kevin. I got mine Friday. Great looking flies everyone. Rick.
  2. OK got a crappy pic for you all.
  3. Hi Kevin. Files will be sent out Thursday. Sorry I didn't get pics up. My camera is toast. Rick.
  4. Hi folks, Here is the best Atlantic Salmon dry fly out there. Yes even better than a bomber. Hook is a TMC7989 size 4, yellow thread, rusty brown hackle, and of course deer hair. The tail is about 15 strands of deer hair that is not stacked. I then begin to spin the deer hair all the way up. The most important part is to not pack the deer hair tight, it must be very soft to the touch. Once the body is done, tie in 2 hackels at the front and do a complete turn in front and work your way back, about 3 turns. Then wrap your thread back through the hackel to secure it and tie off. Enjoy Rick.
  5. Hi. Actually its tied with deer hair and it is fished wet. I like to cast my bugs almost 90 degrees across and mend my line. With a wet fly you should cast 45 degrees. Nothing is writen in stone whatever works.
  6. Hi Jared. flies are done CDC March brown emergers. Where do I send them. Rick.
  7. Please count me in. Rick. March brown #12
  8. This fly is a mix of Green Machine, Shady Lady with black hackle, and pearl butt with white tail. Deadly on the Little Southwest. Rick.
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