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  1. First try at this style. I think the hackle is a little long but think it came out pretty good....inspired by letmugo.
  2. Thanks man gonna give it a try.
  3. Always love your flys, you have your own style. One question though, how did you hackle on the CDC around the parachute. Dubbing loop?
  4. I agree with the Danvilles Flatwaxed thread thats what ive been using.
  5. Love the profile when that thing is wet. Sweet fly might have to give it a try.
  6. I agree im only 16 but have been fly fishing since i was 5. Grew up in the lodge business and have heard some guides complain about this and that about people. I think if your the guide then obviously your there because they need your help so mine as well be supportive and help them out that's what your getting paid for that and to make your clients have a great time..... just my thoughts
  7. I would keep them short but that's just me. Try different ones see if the fish like them different. Also this style pattern work really good for me this spring
  8. Wow sweet FLY!!! I don't do the realistic tying stuff ever but that fly is siccckkk!!!!
  9. Wow those fish and water looks SWEET. Really like the last fish with the blue on the gill plate.
  10. I think it all has its time and place.....Every where is different, I had multiple smallish bass be very aggressive and take this fly and never caught a big bass on it. Damsel nymphs were the key to catching big ones during the day.
  11. Sweet fly and great pictures going to have to tie some myself
  12. Thanks guys. I will try to post more flys later.. Thanks
  13. So haven't posted in a long time and decided to show you guys what i have tied up lately. Been playing with calf tail due to low hair supply and its something new and different. Let me kow what you guys think. Thanks
  14. Anyone know the tying recipe for Doug Mcknights road warrior damsel. thanks
  15. Right before school got out girls (some friends) starting showing up 5-10 peices of hackle in there hair, now everbody is getting it done!!
  16. Do you mean like not to many people posting? ive noticed this lately too. Ill post some stuff when i get the chance.
  17. I also love them for just any creek/river its a great pattern
  18. Just an attractor pattern for trout. The poly wing makes this pattern go a lot faster. I don't know if the floatation is the same since there is no hair but we will see. The head could be cleaned up but its Ok i think.....
  19. Thanks guys. Size 18 bwo coming right up. I'll try and post some more flies.
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