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  1. Great tie SB. Really like the looks of that fly from the bottom, will be tying some of them up. I have to agree on the hackle from Charlie Collins they have some amazing colors.
  2. Great looking fly flytire, I have really good luck with the Royal Wulff's here in the east on brookies. This looks a little bit easier to tie have to give it a try.
  3. Nope never. Have to agree with perchjerker.
  4. Simms river sheds, studded, able to go anywhere I want to go and in any season.
  5. all good advise, just dont forget your fly rod
  6. Great idea Foamation, might be able too make a extra buck or two on those.
  7. Just some olive Pheasant tail nymphs i have been working on.
  8. http://midcurrent.com/videos/tying-a-prince-nymph/ MT this might help i had trouble with them too and this helped me get them right.
  9. Having been thru knee and back surgery I know its not pleasant . Good luck and a speedy recovery.
  10. flytire that lead wire chart is very good info to have on a beginners desk,or anybody's desk for that matter, thanks for posting.
  11. Rockworm, I'm thinking you need natural skins for your applications. I think the the natural oils are removed in the tanning process for fur coats and such.
  12. Kodiaksalmon there must be half a chicken tied in those flies Great looking flies, and i'd have to agree with Arkman you should do a SBS on those flies.
  13. They use helios to get them in some of the back lakes in the adirondacks
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