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  1. Great tie SB. Really like the looks of that fly from the bottom, will be tying some of them up. I have to agree on the hackle from Charlie Collins they have some amazing colors.
  2. Great looking fly flytire, I have really good luck with the Royal Wulff's here in the east on brookies. This looks a little bit easier to tie have to give it a try.
  3. Nope never. Have to agree with perchjerker.
  4. Simms river sheds, studded, able to go anywhere I want to go and in any season.
  5. all good advise, just dont forget your fly rod
  6. Great idea Foamation, might be able too make a extra buck or two on those.
  7. Just some olive Pheasant tail nymphs i have been working on.
  8. http://midcurrent.com/videos/tying-a-prince-nymph/ MT this might help i had trouble with them too and this helped me get them right.
  9. Having been thru knee and back surgery I know its not pleasant . Good luck and a speedy recovery.
  10. flytire that lead wire chart is very good info to have on a beginners desk,or anybody's desk for that matter, thanks for posting.
  11. Rockworm, I'm thinking you need natural skins for your applications. I think the the natural oils are removed in the tanning process for fur coats and such.
  12. Kodiaksalmon there must be half a chicken tied in those flies Great looking flies, and i'd have to agree with Arkman you should do a SBS on those flies.
  13. They use helios to get them in some of the back lakes in the adirondacks
  14. Welcome home from southern NY and thank you for serving.This is the place to look for advice, and fly patterns.
  15. I have fished quite a few of those little streams in southern NY,for a fish that is so sensitive to the environment,it always amazes me, as afishn stated,that they are there year after year.
  16. Mustads all the way, J Stockard has a wide selection of them in any size I need.
  17. Id have to say that I will try tying one or two flies of a new pattern if it looks like it might work on my local stream, as long as i have the materials already or able to sub different materials.
  18. I use two ceramic tiemcos and one ceramic dr slick with no complaints.
  19. I have one just like the one flytire posted in the video, you can make your own or do a search on ebay thats were i got mine.
  20. I like the mustad R30 94833 or the tmc 101
  21. Nice gill was that your articulated fly or the strait body?
  22. Ive also gotten furs from coffins creek have no problems, like em too.
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