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  1. LOL I will not CLEAN my DESK If i leave to much out its gets in the way ; O and the dog she loves deer hair And elk and what ever eles she can get in her mouth :)
  2. I like it because i can mount it to the Base or the Stem of the vice . The magnetic base can be removed by a trun of the switch. Not only can i use it as a profile plate but i can all put a mirror on it .! And why a mirror you ask ...for salmon flies or anyother fly that you want to have good Symmetry It realy does help
  3. I needed ..Wanted a profile plate So i made one out of a Universal Magnetic Base. you can get at princessauto for 40 .00. And foam for a 1 at the any dollar store http://www.princessauto.com/pal/product/8372120/Magnetic-%26-Deflection-Acc/Universal-Magnetic-Base and you can change the color plates to what ever you want .And on any angle:) I thought i would share my little creation
  4. thats looks like REALY nice place to BE !!!
  5. GOLDEN DEMON: HOOK:Wet fly or steamer,3x 4x THREAD: black 6/0 TAIL: Golden pheasant crest feathers ( I used yellow fish scale by H20 and yellow schlappen fibers ) BODY: Golde flat mylar tinsel THROAT: Soft orange saddle or schlappen fibers (I used schlappen ) WING: Red fox squirrel tail
  6. Not at all.I have tied it with both moose and deer hair.
  7. Improved Sofa Pillows: HOOK: 4x long,size 4-10 THREAD: BLACK TAIL: Natural elk hair RIB: Brown hackle, undersize BODY:Orange wool yarn WING: Natural elk hair HACKLE: Two brown saddle hackles
  8. X Caddis: HOOK: Dry fly,size 12-18 THREAD: Black TAIL: Gold Z-ion BODY: Antron Dubbing WING: Natural deer hair HEAD: Wing buts clipped short
  9. Dark Cahill: Hook: Wet fly,size 10 to 18 Thread: Black Tail: Dark ginger hackle fibers Body: Dark gray muskrat fur Hackle: Dark ginger Wing: Wood duck flank
  10. This is a variation of a MIKULAK SEDGE HOOK: Dry fly 2x long,sizes 6-16 Thread: to match body color Tail: Elk body hair,stacked one -third of shank lengh Body: Seals fur (i used HARES EARS PLUS ) Wing:Elk body hair, in two applications Hackle: rooster, trimmed top and bottom ( I used ginger )
  11. I get the Mustad from one of my wholesaler's its a R50-94840 size 28
  12. it was a bad bobbin..... But i got it. NOW i would like to try size 32
  13. Bobbin is a new one ..RITE SHORTY BOBBIN,Ceramic Thread Tube.it breaking @ the hook these are new hooks from mustad , as for the tread ott /20 UNI-Caenis 200 yds,den made in Italy, The tread in my hand will not break easy .It takes a bit of force for ott /20 .. The midge jaw is new just got it friday .But getting the hook in the jaws is not that easy because its SO SMALL !! I will try to reseat it makimg sure the point in not out all
  14. Thead keeps breaking for no reason!! Iam using ott 20 Thead and its new .And iam wondering if there can be micro burs on the hook ! Has anyone eles had this happen?
  15. I got the McKenzie BRIGHT light.With the 4X MAG for my son's boy scouts class .And we have been tying flies and having a blast doing it.The light works well but runs.. REALY HOT ..If left on for a long time.This is NOT the best light for videos of your flies .And does NOT have an ON/OFF switch.But i still like it..and the 4x mag is a must have for tiny little flies lol
  16. I own A Renzetti master,cam 4000,cam 3000, And The Dyna-King Ultimate Indexer. And would have to say Dyna-king is my goto vise. And you can get it for around 500.00
  17. It's time to replace them. And i NEED MORE ROOM lol. my wife's tread mill will be leaving soon. And iam hoping to get ( krug furniture ) in soon .. Theres a factory outlet close buy
  18. And dont post your trial runs like did
  19. after 2 years iam starting to get some stuff
  20. Canon EOS 7D + Canon 60/2.8 macro is big !! how do you tie a fly with that in front of you ??? I have the mark IV canon i thought it was WAY to big for me ..So i got my self a web cam .But your video is dame NICE you can really tell between quality optics. thanks tom
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