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  1. I really like Randall Kaufman's "tying dry flies" and "tying nymphs" My favorite and the one I keep going back to is A.K Best's "Production Fly Tying". I have the 1989 edition. Many helpful hints and instructions. I prefer books over computers because they are handier to me. P.C. is upstairs and the book is at my side downstairs at the bench! Over the years, I have managed to acquire quite a collection of books.
  2. I really hate to have to clear cement from the eye on the stream. So, I whip finish and done. It's not like a fly lasts that long anyway. Hopefully the fish will chew it up and if not, it's not that important a fly anyway.
  3. I have bought a lot of this stuff but haven't had any luck with it. Things that I've tried it on won't hold. But it does a very good job sticking your fingers together. I really hate the stuff, when you open the little tube it is a one use thing. Next time you try to use ,you find it is hard or gone! Can't say I have given up, probably need lessons. It is like a computer program, if you need to read the directions, the program is no good. :wallbash:
  4. I was in the 99 caddis swap also. It really wasn't too bad, we had plenty of time to complete the tie. I wonder what happened to the Virtual Fly Shop. A search doesn't show that much info about Mr. Miller. I probably wouldn't participate unless it was done in the winter. Too busy in the summer. I also have the box and all the flies but can't find the list of tyers. I probably thought it would always be available on the web site if needed.
  5. I bought a selection of pantones and they really last a long time. No problem with them drying out in the pen. HOWEVER, they really fade when being used. The water sure causes the color to go. I will check into Sharpies, maybe they have the color selection I need. I should have added I coat the colored area with head cement or Dave's Flexament. Guess I will have to try Sally Hansen's.
  6. My problem exactly. I always look at the grizzly hackle, deer and elk hair. If I think it is exceptional I will buy it and find that I have some just as good at home. when will I ever learn?
  7. Confusing, I would say so. I have forever used Mustad 94840, 9671, 9672, 3399 as my most popular hooks. Now I read that they will be discontinued. I have tried Tiemco and like them, so I will have to get used to their numbering system. They are the easiest to find in 24, 26 and 28. Good Luck with what ever hooks you decide on.
  8. I have had bad luck with them also. No eye or not closed, dull hooks.
  9. I kind of think where you are coming from. The reason I saved the darn thing is because I knew what new ones cost. When you are on retirement you don't have a lot of loose change. I was so excited that they did sharpen up, I thought I made a major discovery. Over 5o views and no comments. No great, no forget, no nothing. anyway All Day, I have tied for over 50 years and have accumulated lots of stuff. If you have a need, email me at [email protected] and let's see if I have some around/ The rest of you guys that chose to ignore me, LOVE ALL FLYFISHERMEN AND WILL HELP THEM WHENEVER I CAN a
  11. thank you guys very much, at least I know I exist on this board. I can't believe there are not more dull scissors out there even my wife is empresed. All I need is it your are full of XXXXt or get a life or something I cannot believe that I have saved these dam scissors for so long and they have served me so well and now I can use them again. I am so cheap and so poor that I cannot afford Dr Slick"s at their current price and they are back again. So I will use the dam foil until it doesn't work again.\\\ I am a retired older person, retired air force. Can't afford new Dr.Slicks that is why I am so excited
  12. OK I get it, lets ignore the new guy. sort of common for new members of the board. 78 views and no comments. no "y0u are full of it, no it wont work, throw the scissors out no nothing. give me a break I'm new here, tell me something\ tell me to get lost, tell me anything!
  13. Mike, you can purchase Keough, Metz or Whiting from Hookhack.com At one time, I would only use Metz until I began to have problems with "twisters" The hackle would spiral around the hook. I did some internet research and found out this was genetic. The base of the hackle stem was square causing the stem to spin as the hackle was wrapped. I had this on several necks that I purchased. I was told to trim further up the hackle stem or add a layer of dubbing for the hackle to sit on. Alas, nothing would work. It is really disturbing to buy a high grade cape and have this occur. Breaks your heart. Anyway, I began to add the bucks and will now only buy Whiting. I have not had this problem to this date. Now I am sure Metz has improved their quality since those days but I am not willing to spend the money to find out. Screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me. I tried Keough from Hookhack a very long time ago and it was very soft, webby hackle. Could have improved. I really am reluctant to buy a cape sight unseen so I usually have to pay top dollar at a fly shop. You can't tell a twister until you tie a stem on and try it. I usually ask if there is some gaurantee that the thing won't twist. They always say yes, but I wonder. Addition: I just tried Hookhack and Keough has a blank page. Wonder what's going on?
  14. I have had these extremely dull Dr. Slick's for years and kept them around because they served me well for many years. Last Sunday I happened to come across these utube videos of people sharpening scissors with aluminum foil. (search sharpen scissors aluminum foil) I tried it and they will cut again. I tried them on hackle, deer hair, paper and it is amazing. I figured this had been around awhile so I was wondering what the catch is, like is it short lived, will it ruin the scissors or what's the catch and why haven't I heard of this before. I know I have searched "sharpen scissors" before without seeing the aluminum foil method. Has anyone tried this before? Here's one video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/932701/sharp..._aluminum_foil/
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