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  1. thanks to all, i just picked up tying dry flies by Jay Nichols i am going to try a few flies from there this week and post the pics so i can get a better feel for what i need to do, the ant i found in a book i had but the others were flies that my grandfather had tied years ago and had much success with so i tried to my best of capabilities to duplicate them
  2. im 23 and have sveral friends that i fish with, but out of our little group im the only one who has begun to tie
  3. Here are a few of my first flies, let me know what i have done right as well as done wrong. I apologize for the pictures they are the best i could get with my current camera
  4. I have a few flies that i would like to photograph them to post here for critique, but my camera that i currently have will not focus on them because of their tiny size. what all do you guys use to photograph you flies. Mike
  5. incredible job, thanks for posting
  6. Hello to all, I recently began to both fly fish and tie my own flies. I have been an avid fisherman all my life and wanted to try something new. So what are some of the basic does/dont's of this new hobby i decided to pick up
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