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  1. Fishing the Green river a couple years ago, my dad lost a large brown on a size 22 BWO as it came close enough to see it. I was not close enough at the time and all he could tell me was that it was BIG. The next day, to my surprise, I hooked into that monster 24" brown on a size 22 BWO. I brought it over to me after it tired and yep, there were both flies sitting in the upper jaw, right next to each other. Yelled over to my dad and let him land and hold it for after all he had struck first. I was just a copy cat. Fun day on the river, we still talk about it.
  2. Gilly, Awsome work. I have been wanting to do the same thing for a couple years now. Have been keeping all my spools in clear plastic tubes. Easy to see, but a pain to dump out, get the spool, put all the others back in... Thanks for the great photo, good stuff.
  3. Howdy. The name is Todd , most the time though Toad works for me, hence Toadster has become my monicker. I am 33, married with two little boys, ages four and one, so you know what I'll be doing on my weekends! Have been fishing for, well, like most of ya'll, forever . Got my first rod when I was two and never looked back. Started fishing with flies when I was 17, but I am not too assamed to drown a worm or two, specially when the ice is on top. I have also tied flies for quit a long time, OK 15 years now, and even have some original equipment that my great grandfather used tying flies nearly 80 years ago. My father and I have begun building fly rods for fun the past 8 years and really like getting out there with our own handmade stuff. We haven't ventured into bamoo yet but his buddy builds them and so I can tell it won't be long 'til we bend the reed. Trout are my favorite species, though I have never minded hooking into anything that swims. Particularly sturgeon . Wonder how you get a sturgeon on the fly? Probably enough for now. Great to be joining an active bunch and hope to share in the knowledge that abounds on this site.
  4. Welcome onboard. I Love to hear from open minded fishermen that can fling a worm one minute and then pick up the long rod and keep a straight face. Hope to be tying some bassing flies this year myself. Great pics. Makes me wanna go fishing, maybe even with a fly.
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