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  1. Great fly Matt, I really dig the head! :headbang: Arska
  2. :cursing: :nono: :lol2: favorite: at the mo The Dunt and Jock Scott least favorite: The Gordon Arska
  3. Timo, have you considered that you can hide your expensive stuff to my place... :hyst: (we live in the same apartment house)
  4. Cool stuff Jamie! I've used dyed hen for the hackles, but schlappen works too... Arska
  5. Hi Martin, a lovely Colonel! :yahoo: Ari-Heikki
  6. Good looking Fenian John! Well done. Ari-Heikki
  7. Wonderful flies! I have to try these someday too. Ari-Heikki
  8. Again amazing fly Timo!!! :headbang: :bugeyes: Arska
  9. Superb job Goku! :headbang: Are all of those tied in hand? I really dig the Popham! :yahoo: Ari-Heikki
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