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  1. Picked them up at Michael's two years ago, colors at Halloween the other clear mylar variation is usually in stock
  2. I like those. But I have a feeling they'll be much too stiff to imitatethe wiggling motions a senko makes that makes them so effective. Probably right but worth a shot especially when there are so many large bass in the pond I want to use them in.
  3. So I am still looking for my yarn but Bill Laminack gave me another idea off of his IG page. These are all 5-1/4 to 6 inches in length on 5/0 bass hooks most on EWG's. A few have rattles and one has a cone in the nose.
  4. Senko experimentals Bill Laminack made me do it. 😂😂
  5. Here is a waste control fly May have to tie a few more on purpose Man I am digging these Firehole Sticks what great hooks.
  6. Thanks caloosa bug need to put some Cohen's frog legs or similar on instead of the Paracord although the cord makes it sit right in the water.
  7. I need to be able to wrap the pattern like Rich MC's worm pattern for the weedless ability. Mono loops and mono V's foul. I've only had limited success with topwater on the pond. This fly works on occasion but is a bitch to cast. This is the size of many of the bass in the pond, we have caught at least one 8 lber on each trip with average fish size 2 to 3 lbs.
  8. Anyone have any suggestions for a substitute for Paton's Bohemian chenille used to tie Rich's Ultimate worm and the Shannon's streamer?
  9. Coat them with epoxy, uv or similar material they break a whole lot less often.
  10. I do it all the time. Most people want to jump right in and start winding thread. I do go over the different tools and how to use them mostly when I am trying to illustrate a particular technique. If I was doing the class spread out over several sessions I probably would spend more time on the tools, proportions etc.
  11. I agree with the above. However when using a short written communication as a forum post. It is not possible to put forward all information on how to teach. You might be aware, that there are classes and schools which main focus is on teaching teaching. Get the input. Do bad judgement (get experience) and do better next time. First you crawl, then you walk. And for some they get stubborn and seems like they reversed to crawling... ;-) Dayumn then you squirm. 😝😁
  12. Depends on type of fish most commonly sought in your area. My area is very seasonal. Winter early spring its all about trout. Spring to mid-summer sunfish or salt Mid-summer through hotter than hell Salts about the only full time ticket End of hotter then he'll to early winter back to sunfish and salt. I usually do common patterns that cover one or more of common fishing at the time. But when I do classes they are just one offs not a set time period. Just one class for two hours and I try to get 3-5 flies tied.
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