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  1. Hi All, I've got a real need to tie a Bird's Nest on a jig hook. I like this fly tied on a TMC 5262, #10 - #14, no bead (wire under the thorax). So, I've been looking around and I'm not sure i'm finding the closest TMC 5262 jig hook equivalent. Any thoughts / input would be welcome. Thanks! Adrian
  2. Thanks guys. Really appreciate the input. I'm going with the scale & the bourbon. Here in san Francisco we have one of those crazy little shops that can measure just a few bits of grass a couple of blocks away. Great excuse to pay them a visit. Cheers, Adrian
  3. Thanks, AZWoolyBugger. For $10 I think I'll go with the scale you pointed out. As for futile exercises, i think everyone who regularly visits this site or ties regularly has been guilty of that charge from time to time.
  4. Thanks, Piker. The total amount i need (which isn't a lot) doesn't even register on the kitchen scale I have, I should have mentioned i tried weighing the dubbing. Best, Adrian
  5. Hello! Hoping I can get some help on how to measure dubbing. Right now i'm trying to achieve a blend of three dubbings at 70, 15 & 15%. Of course, you can eyeball the dubbing amounts and even the final color, but i figure there's probably a more precise way to do this. But, how? Half the amount of a standard packet of dubbing would be plenty so i want to avoid buying in bulk to get some consistent measurements. FYI - i did a search on this topic and didn't find anything. Cheers, Adrian
  6. Tidewaterfly, any suggestion on an alternative. Really appreciate the thoughtful replies.
  7. Thanks guys. So, with two thin coats maybe I should sit them out for a week or so before throwing them in the box?
  8. I've been hearing about Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails for years, but just got around to using some. I was looking around Charlie Craven's website and decided to tie up some pig stickers. Per the write up I gave them them two coats of the Hard as Nails. They looked great, but the smell was awful. I let them sit out for about two days and them stuck about a dozen in my nymph box (i.e. a large C&F waterproof box) and closed it. What a mistake! I opened the box a few days later and it was like I walked into a ladies nail salon. The whole box stunk!!! A real powerful stink. So I took out the guilty flies and let the box sit open for a couple of days. Then I closed the box and let it sit over night..... in the morning the box w/out the Pig Stickers still stunk!!!! WTF???? I'm seriously considering throwing out the box WITH all of the nymphs in it or just giving it away to friend with all of the proper qualifications. I'm one of these guys that believes smell will turn off fish. And, it's hard to think of fishing these flies with any confidence. I know this may sound like a good reason to simply tie more, but with two little ones at home it takes me months to find the time to fill up that box. This is a real set back for me. Please let me know how you work with Sally Hansen's so I can avoid this problem in the future. Also, please let me know about what can/should be done with box and additional flies. Really happy to be able to run this by this group. Thanks! Huck
  9. Hi T_Bone, Here's two cents for you: I'd expand the size range a bit - maybe a size 10 Prince, definitely a size 14 Copper John, and some smaller stuff like brassies and zebra midges in size 22 and 24. Have fun! I do something similar for my non-tying fishing buddies on their birthdays. It always goes over big.
  10. Sweet!!! Another swap run by Evan! I'm in. Robin's Egg. Medium
  11. I'm already trying copy a few of these beauties and may be reaching out for some input. This weekend they'll be getting some action. I'll try to grab a shot with one of your flies. Thanks, Evan!!! Huck
  12. I'm guilty of being one day late. If it had been 10 days, I would not have expected you all to wait me. Let's finish.
  13. Flies arriving just in the nick of time. Look for a dozen Fox Poopah on Monday. Looking forward to seeing some photos...
  14. Now that we're getting closer I'll get my butt in gear. Tying up Fox's Poopah. Are there any opinions / rules around color? Would like to throw in one or two colors that work in addition to the standard olive.
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