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  1. My grandmother remembers fishing with a mormon girl fly. It was her favorite to tye up as well. She can't remember how or what materials now and I was wondering if anyone has a picture of one. Does anyone fish with any of the old classic patterns anymore? Addict
  2. I was on the river the other day and saw what I believe to be a mayfly. The wings were clear and the exact same shape as a mayflys but they had no tails. The body was a dark grey with an olive-brown underbody. They were about a size 22-24. What are these? Sorry I don't have a picture. This was in SE Idaho. Addict
  3. I just tied up a dozen Fluorescent yellow Stimulators. The stone flies around here are starting to come off a little and these stimulators are awesome on the cutthroats. I tied up a dozen cause the cutts chew them to pieces. They will continue to hit them when they are close to being a bare hook but they don't float very well. Addict
  4. I'm posting this a little late but I would have to also say that LaFontaines emergent sparkle pupa is a must. It seems to perform anywhere that I've tried it. I also like an iris caddis, I match the wing color with the body and fish it down deep. My favorite color is a light gray with a dark brown thorax and an amber tail. The correct amber is the hardest color to find material for. Addict
  5. Hey Nightfish, Check your email. Addict
  6. Thanks Nightfish, It's good to get a list of midges that work locally. I've already found the black zebra midge to be very effective after tying some up within the past two weeks. They worked well for me on a recent trip to south eastern idaho. When tying the other colors do you use the silver wire as well? Would you happen to have a picture of a bunny midge? Addict
  7. Looking for flies that would be good to try out on some Tiger Musky. Also do you have to use a metal leader when flyfishing for these freshwater sharks? Addict
  8. Wow! Great posts guys! There is a lot of good information there. Thanks for the pictures Blueman89 that helps a bunch. That definitely is not adding any bulk to a fly. Adams- Do you just tie up a bunch of posts and zap them all? Or do you do each fly complete and just wait for it to dry? Also how many wraps do you typically make with the hackle to make a good parachute? Addict
  9. Rougetrout- I'll have to look at some foam for posts. Rainy's shop is just a couple of miles away. Don't know if it's a straight mail order shop now though. Blueman89- That’s a nice looking hopper. I have rotating hackle pliers but have never tried antron as a post. The flies that I tie the most with parachutes are in the size range of 14-18. Will either of the materials listed work well? I usually have used calf tail which is a pain to work with. Also how do you tie in you post so that it doesn't add bulk to the body of the fly?
  10. Hey all, I'm in a love-hate relationship with parachute flies. I love to fish them but hate to tie them. I was wondering if anyone has any tricks or tips for tying them. Do you prefer foam posts or natural? I want to improve my skills in this area of tying so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Addict
  11. Thanks flytire, Those are just what I needed. A recipe along with a picture. Thanks again! Addict
  12. I found this link a few days ago trying to find a suitable material for emergent sparkle pupas. Hope this helps. http://www.thebookmailer.com/Supplies/SparkleYarn.html Addict
  13. I'm looking for some midge patterns that work well in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. What are some must have patterns that I need to add to my arsenal? Thanks, Addict
  14. Thanks everyone, Now I have an idea of what to get. Btw, how long does it take to sharpen a hook? thanks, Addict
  15. Hey all, I'm looking at getting a hook sharpener. What features do I want? Do I want electric or just a stone? I have noticed that when I fish with Tiemco hooks I get more hook ups and I think this is because they are sharper. Will sharpening Mustads give me the same results? I want to use Mustad hooks because of the price. Thanks, Addict
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