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  1. I talked to a guy who tlod me of a stealhead streamer he called the flutter moth. He discribed it as having a red fox squirrel tail wing and a body of muskrat dubbing with guard hairs left in. i haven't found a picture or any refference to this fly anywhere. Does anyone know anything about it?
  2. good to hear they use 18 PHT nymphs in CO i'm tying a box for my dad who just moved to denver and so far its mostly 18 PHT nymphs in different varriations. This fly is a great all purpose fly tied in diiferent colors it can be tied to immitate most anything that crawls in the water.
  3. looks good to me the funnest part of fly tying is taking a known pattern and customising it for your home waters. if you dont have a mask to take guard hairs from squirrel tail works well i use pine squirrel but thats because they only cost me a 22 shell. use a grey HE dubbing and the larger sizes make a decent stone fly nymph. add pearl mylar to the wing case for added attraction.
  4. try the craft isle at wal mart they have a large selection of glass beads cheap. they give your fly a different look that the fish probably havent seen.
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