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  1. EMARF

    Bunny Shrimp

    nice fly what size hook
  2. EMARF

    Midnight Minnow

    very nice fly I need to get better at EP style (hi-low)
  3. http://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.php?stor...mp;target=FC100
  4. EMARF

    crease fly

    thanks did the google thing first I'll check out the cutters plus what size foam are they made from thanks
  5. Hi does anyone have template for a crease fly or can give some ideas or a size thanks
  6. EMARF

    Mono weed guard

    Hi what size mono do you use for a weed guard I have some 50lb laying around is that to big thanks
  7. EMARF

    Money Maker

    Hi are the Silli legs tyed like on a clouser fly or after the eyes
  8. EMARF

    Money Maker

    nice fly how's about the recipe
  9. thanks I lived in the sarasota /bradenton for about 10yrs , just getting into fly fishing , been a spinn fisher
  10. looks good ,what type hook it that thanks
  11. Hi looking for a little help on a rod , I want a 9wt rod for redfish,snook,trout ,the rod I was looking at are the TFO TiCrx and the professional model and help would be great kind of a newbee I haven't fly fish in about 10yrs some help please
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