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  1. perhaps slightly more copper colour than without the tube? you might get bettere effect fromt the tube if you wind it over silver. very nice fiy none the less
  2. nice tubes, i really like tubes try hittin the front end with a lighter to curl back the front and take away anr potentiallt sharp or catchy edges. you should also try the mikaell froedin turbo cones, they really make em wiggle
  3. not sure if this is accurate but i read tiger trout were sterile hybrids? it was an article years ago about why they were being allowed to be introduced to UK rivers. we really dont like introducing aliens anymore not after the mink and squirrels we got from accross the pond, which is why there's no bass in the uk but the rest of europe is full of them
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone has been to mongolia for taiman? I'm thinking about going and would appreciate any input anyone has about the guiding companies etc. thanks marty
  5. very nice mayfly, i like the two tone wing
  6. i dont have a luster pattern, but when they're on the curse i like to put on a sparkler booby and rip it back through them on an intermediate. It works.
  7. missed salmonid, i put huechen. I'm not sure the English name, but they live in eastern europe and are basically a tamien but easier to get to as you dont need to spen weeks crossing mongolia to fish for them otherewise brownies
  8. try making eyes like this marty
  9. www.lureparts.nl www.lurebuilding.nl both of these have english and give a european flavour to some stuff marty
  10. [totally with you on that, my top chrominid pattern is simply a layer of thread down the hook and a turn or three of peacock at the thorax. deadly too.
  11. add ssmall proportion (under 10 percent) of the uv blue/ uv pearl litebrite or wingsnflash or whatever you want to call it to the blend it's a deadly addittion, i usually add it to my squirrel blends for nymphs and scuds/bugs/hoglouse patterns. marty
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