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  1. I'll be moving to Lake Orion just in time for this. I'm planning on being there to check out what's in store for me fishing wise in Mi
  2. Hey Andy The redfish candy is a great fly. Make sure you put a weedguard on it if you use leadeyes. http://chemprof.tripod.com/redcandy.html Here's DC Wiggler a similar tie but seems to imitate a jerkbait it can be fished as a bottom bumper or baitfaish. Make sure you use long think feathers for the tail http://www.inshore-fishing.com/forum/index...&hl=wiggler
  3. Great looking shrimps. the redfish down here should love them
  4. About one inch wide by three or four inches deep. Smaller version of what krystal flash comes in.
  5. More like open end little baggies
  6. Does anyone have a link to somewhere to buy those little plastic sleeves to store flies in?
  7. I've been tying some gitzit type flies using rubber legs metallic dubbing and 90 and 60 degreee jig hooks
  8. Try using Loon hard as hull instead of epoxy
  9. Da bones and reds like em. Nice flies
  10. I plan on trying it in the Turks and Caicos next month.
  11. ChuckD

    Major Award

    Now that's funny :hyst:
  12. Am I blind or did the link to the tying videos disappear :help:
  13. Fish caught today on actual fly in vice. One of 6-7 caught today
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