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  1. I got bad news for ya. I made one of those myself a couple years ago and it was awfull when it got wet. Soaks up water like a sponge and gets hard to cast. Mabee yours is different though. Good luck
  2. yodafly


    I use deer hair bugs on a full sinker with a long leader. The fly stays on the surface untill striped. Think of the action of a floating rapala.
  3. Hey guys this is just to let u guys know that costco is giving out $15 off coupons for H2optix. I work at the Commerce, Mi location. I didnt like what they had there so i went to another location selection varies by location. The glasses wher $49.99 and i got them for like $35.00.
  4. I too have been using the knotable wire. I atach mine to airflos pike and bass poly leader. The leader itself was like 11 bucks a little pricy but i am on my second season with them. The come with wire tippets.
  5. yodafly

    New baby

    Congrats man. Im in the same boat as you but its a cat instead of a dog. Get used to being wrong all the time! :dunno:
  6. yodafly

    Michigan guys

    Id be glad to trade some spots no cavity searches needed. I live on hawk lake wich is a really nice LM lake some pike too. There is little hawk in the back the biggest bass i have ever seen came from that one. Its private all around but i will still have some spots when i move. I know some of the people on the lake and The manager at the appt said i can still use the lot. I have a couple of float tubes or a canoe would be good. Oh i almost forgot there is some good dry fly action for carp on the little lake.
  7. yodafly


    The german team suprized me. They played a tighter defensive game than i expected. Defense does no good when you only put 12 shots on net. It is cool to see blake and pronger together. Wouldnt want to go up against those two.
  8. yodafly

    Michigan guys

    Hey thanks guys. Ill keep ya posted on how i do. I hear there is some good smallie water on that lake.
  9. yodafly

    Michigan guys

    Anyone have a lake map of walled lake? Im moving to an apartment there. Im already mad that i have to leave the little bass lake i live on now. Oh well wife knows best. Any help wold be great. Thanks
  10. yodafly


    I would keep an eye on the swedes and the slavakian teams. One of those teams or canada for gold. I dont thin the U.S. team has a chance. No good american goal tenders.
  11. I thought you need a hot pink speedo and roller skates to get around in san francisco. :devil:
  12. It is nice to see some hockey fans on the forum. :headbang:
  13. dude those are some of the coolest looking pike i have ever seen.
  14. Yeah i use em. There fun to pull out when in the company of purist snobs :headbang:
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