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  1. Enjoyed your article Markbob. I'm fairly new to tying and I'm still learning a bunch. So, take my input with that in mind. I found that a book was a lot of help. I looked at several, but the one that stood out to me as the BEST was Charlie Craven's book - "Basic Fly Tying". I liked his writing and the description of his approach to tying. The book is a progression from pattern to pattern that Craven believes sets you up with several fundamental skills. So, it is not a catalog of a lot of flies. I found it has helped me develop skills that are useful with other patterns. The photography was excellent and the number of pictures was useful. Watching others people tie (in person) was also a great help. You'll see several approaches to accomplish the same goal and you'll probably pickup a "trick" or two that will limit frustration with some of the trickier aspects of tying. I've seen some of the local experts tie and they've been very generous and helpful. Watching videos was also quite helpful. Pick a few patterns that you like and see if you can find it on Youtube. I was surprised at how many videos I could find. As a side note, have tied several flies of one type with the hope of "perfecting" my technique. At first, I would keep the best and then take an exacto knife to the ones that didn't cut it. I now donate acceptably tied flies to Casting for Recovery. It works out great. I can continue to tie and help out a little in the process. I hope this is ok to post. I'm not affiliated with the CFR, but I do have much admiration for what they do.
  2. Cetaphil and Aquaphor work well. Used some sheep lanolin from Australia until it was gone. I can't get any more of it!
  3. Agreed. I can't claim to have spent as much $ as some of the rest of you. But, I expected better life and service from OTTlight. My Task Light w/battery lasted less than 5 months before the lamp lost a noticeable amount of light output. OTTlight suggested a replacement bulb. I purchased one and saw NO improvement. I called OTTlight back and the tech suggested that I purchased the wrong bulb... I confirmed that it was the correct bulb. I had to get the packaging and read it to him in order to be believed. They offered to sell me the AC adapter for just under $20!! I should add that they weren't even sure that the adapter was the problem. And, from what I could tell the cord wasn't the source of the problem. I'm done with OTTlight. Their not worth the $. Out of the box, I was impressed. However, OTTlight's service life is questionable and they did not back their product. I now get what seems like equivalent performance for much less money from "daylight" bulbs and standard lamps. In hindsight, I should have at least tried other CFL bulbs and compared them against my friend's OTTlight task lamp (which BTW, has failed too) before purchasing. I believe I would have opted for less expensive solution and have been a happy camper.
  4. Mike, I've got a question of historical interest. I was wondering if your examples of the Bird's Nest are tied similarly to the original "look". The examples I've come across are usually more heavily dubbed with more flank feather hackle. Just curious as to where the pattern started out from. thanks.
  5. Mike, Have you looked at ebay? I've found what I think is a quality box on "the bay". Lots less $ too. Not sure if it is ok to post the vendor's name. So, PM me if interested. Standard disclaimer - I don't know the vendor and have no affiliation with them. :thumbsup:
  6. Got any pics of your buggers? thanks
  7. Congrats to the winners! Nice job. Thanks again Horseshoes for putting this together.
  8. Troutguy and others. If you want to donate to CFR, you can send the flies to the address listed on their site in Vermont. I sent a bunch of wooly buggers and some beadheads. I'm fairly new to tying so that's all I felt confident enough to donate. But, I'm sure others here can tie a bunch of others on the list.
  9. Correct. But, I can't say the same for the user
  10. Sure. I'd like to cut pre-formed bodies - hoppers, ants, ect. I realize I can go and buy one. But, thought it be fun to try making one and seeing what others have done.
  11. Nice! Now you gotta post a youtube video to show us how well it works!
  12. nice. like the "natural" bends of that caterpillar.
  13. Anybody make and use their own foam cutter? I'd like to give it a try. Got any pictures? A list of materials? thanks.
  14. Thanks, HS. Quite an effort to get all that going for the benefit of us newbs. Just one nit... Perhaps, it would be helpful to put a voting link as a stand alone post. The link to the voting might get a bit lost in earlier pages of this thread.
  15. Agree with these lines above. I'm fairly new to tying and the flies I tie catch fish. However, upon close and sometimes not so close inspection, I see lots of things that I wish *looked* better. I think the key for me is to maintain my focus and attention to detail. When I do that, my flies look their best (at my talent level) and I find I enjoy myself more because I'm not thinking about anything else but what I'm doing.
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