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  1. I'm gonna be a bit behind on these, a little busy with life right now.
  2. I ran out of #28's 2/3rds of the way through and can't seem to find any more, so some of mine will be #26's if that's alright?
  3. mine will be shipping on Thursday, they've been done for quite a while,but between work and snow I haven't got the chance to get to the post office.
  4. yeah, got them yesterday.
  5. I almost always put 10-15 wraps of .015 lead free wire on my EP flies.
  6. Week 8: Dessert This week I decided to do a featherwing streamer. The fly represents a traditional "banana split" style sundae. The tail is red hackle fibers to represent strawberry syrup, the body is pink, cream, and brown floss to represent strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream, the brown hackle and underwing represents chocolate syrup, the white hackle wing is whipped cream, and red hackle tips on the cheeks are the cherry on top.
  7. I try to only carry 2 or 3 on the water, but I have about 35 in my car most of the time, but that's more because I fish for anything and everything, so I just keep all my fly boxes in the car and grab what I think I'll need for the day when I get on the water.
  8. I;m half way done, I just need to make a materials run, I ran out of hooks and bleached deer hair.
  9. I'm in. Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle.
  10. Why would I do that? I love tying tiny flies. Mine will be elther #26 or #28
  11. Okay, I think I'll go with a Borski's Mangrove Critter and a Predator Pounder.
  12. I'll give this a shot. Just need a bit to pick a pattern.
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