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  1. Simple yarn body and rubber legs. Kills em every time. Black yarn white legs, green yarn black legs. Some lead wraps or bead chain if you want it to sink. Not pretty, but just sleighs them around here.
  2. Love the hawg tied bug pic. It reminds me of a female coworker that I tried to explain the craft to. She said.... And I quote... "What, why.. What do you even tie them to"?
  3. I enjoy those eyes. They turn any fly into a cartoon goofy bug. and the fish seem to love them too.
  4. Ahhh. Ain't he a cute lil' thing.
  5. Some more Duffus Bugs. My favorite color combo is the gray and white. It's a lot like the shiners we have around here.
  6. Tying poppers and sliders in one continuous process from start to finish is something that I have put a lot of effort and thought into. I don't like to manufacture in stages such as balsa and carved foam poppers. I have an articulated pattern that I call the block head, but it is not in its final form so I will hold off on reviling that to the world for a time.
  7. Try corded material with a piece of zonker tied into the tip for a tail. Makes a great lizard or snake pattern. Or some marabou or bucktail for a flopping dying bait fish pattern.
  8. I honestly think it was the best name I could give to it. I mean... It looks like it should be announcing to the bass, "Duhhh... I'm a Duuuuuuffus Buuug."
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by SnickASaurusRex: Floating Wisker Nose Duffus Bug
  10. OK Here is the popping one. I call this color combo the Electric Frog Pajamas. You can clearly see the strip that is tied onto the bottom. The little bit of lip that it provides is just enough to pull the face into the water surface and make it go POP.
  11. To make it pop just add 4 - 5 wraps of lead or lead free to the front part of the shank. Or add a strip of foam to the bottom. I'll post a pic of one with a strip that pops more when I can find the camera. The key to getting it to pop is to have abottom lip or have the front end ride down in the film more.
  12. Oh it produces. I have been tinkering with this pattern for nearly seven years now. It is really in it's fifth or sixth evolutionary form. I have added rattles to it and done different tails. I like the frog legs the best, but I do feathers and bait fish imitations. I've done salamander and snake imitations on the same technique too. The Marabou legs do nicely. The joint is a simple over hand knot sealed with a generous dollop of cement. and the are splayed apart with a chenille ball tied in the frog's, ummm.... butt region. They flap and kick nicely. No it don't pop too much. It rides high, so it is more of a chuger or a gurgler.
  13. My Folded foam popper tied froggie style. I call it Frog Pajamas. Here is a SBS about my folded foam popper: Folded Foam Popper SBS
  14. Trash fish??? I like to target creak chub on my 0wt using embroidery mono as a tippet. There is a network of small creeks, emphasis on small just south of my house. I put the waders on and tie on a size 16 - 12 scud and the little B-tards just hit it like nothing else. On that kind of tippet with the drag set low it is like salmon fishing. All of that from essentially a minnow.
  15. Yeah that became my new favorite CA today. They'll know me by name down there by the end of summer.
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