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  1. Fantasic, one of your skins appears to have escaped and can be seen looking in from the wall outside!
  2. I have no preverance, I just tie some nymphs with beads and without. It all depends on the weight that I want in the fly.
  3. Good ideas, offically but the one that I mostly use is an untidy pile on the tying bench :-)
  4. Thinking about it, I like the tradition of the hair seeing as though I have tons of it (I use deer) but like the look of the foam Humpies I'm tying at the moment as they seem slimmer and more mayfly like.
  5. I would use the rabbit fur more than the dog, simply because it dubs better. Dog fur is likely to be better for winging small wet flies and streamers. Comb the animals because it might be noticed if you cut bits off.
  6. Thanks for posting this. Enjoyed watching it, Jack was one of my biggest influences on my tying..still is.
  7. I have a small note book on the tying bench to write new patterns/colour combinations of flies because I have a brain like a seive. I will write other stuff like dye mixes, etc. For fishing I have a blog, which also has my flies patterns on (the ones that work!).
  8. When I started tying I used Chinese and Indian capes and still get them when I get the chance but only when I can pick through a bin of them so I can pick out the ones that suit my needs. I use them for Streamer wings but mostly for Irish wets and Salmon flies.
  9. Yeap, I just missed out as well. Don't check the swap section out much but really kicking myself for missing this one....first saltwater swap I've seen in a while. Hopefully get to see pictures of the flies.
  10. Please count me in if you have space. Yeap, you got an international tyer but I will be doing a fly for the east coast Striped Bass, a bait fish pattern. I normally send cash and an addressed envelope for return as this works easiest for me.
  11. I like the idea of a photo with a fish caught on the fly but I don't take a camera with me when saltwater fishing unless its in a boat :-(
  12. I have one that started last Christmas, I haven't added as much as I would like and have some more articles I need to write. shoestringflyfisher.blogspot.com/ I follow a few others which have already been mentioned. Please can I suggest that this thread is made a sticky so it can be used as a link point for evryones blog?
  13. I love the idea of a saltwater swap, I've done one or two saltwater but the most common swap is for trout. If this goes ahead please bear me in mind. I agree that it can be annoying when people disappear or something goes wrong. I've been doing swap for a long time and only had it happen a couple of times.
  14. The only materials that I wash are the ones that are given to me by shooting friends and roadkill. Possibly bucktails that I buy because they are often smelly. I use washing up liquid in a small dose with some fabric condition as well.
  15. I think he has, why'd you think there is nothing on the table
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