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  1. Did anyone else have this image pop into their heads? Great looking fly! -- Tom
  2. I actually prefer them on their sides.. when you strip and pop it, they will roll upright throw some water and then settle back onto their sides, I think it looks more like a wounded baitfish.
  3. TomS


    Do a google search for "Buffy the Striper Slayer" for a nice step by step showing the use of a spreader. -- Tom
  4. Before you tie up the second one, do a little tank testing to make sure you are using large enough eyes to offset the amount of foam you are using. -- Tom
  5. The December meeting of the New England Saltwater Fly Rodders will be held on Tuesday, December 13th. This month we are happy to have John Morin (aka Striblue) as our guest speaker. John is well known in the internet fly-tying circles as a prolific tier and creator of some very innovative flies. More recently, John has been involved in several collaborative fly tying book projects. John will be speaking about the fishing on Monomoy Island, as well as demonstrating how to tie some of his famous fly patterns. For more information, details, directions, etc.. please visit the club website: http://www.neflyrodders.org -- Tom
  6. I just downloaded the magazine, and it looks great. One suggestion though - I would suggest you just provide a single PDF file for people to download, rather than multiple PDF files with a separate reader application or Acrobat front-end. Four reasons, first is that some people may be leery of installing a new application on their PC. Second is that you avoid all these installation problems. Third is that the download would only be ~11Mb rather than 16Mb. Fourth is that most people are already familiar with the Adobe interface. Just my suggestions - I think this is a great idea and wish you the best of luck! There is more content in the single issue than a year's worth of other fly fishing magazines when you remove all the ads. -- Tom
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