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  1. That's the thing, I emailed the two main stockists & they ignore my direct question what is Nayat or Snow Runner. It is as though I should be honored and privileged to buy Ulysses Golden fleece from them, don't ask what it is because we won't tell...
  2. I have in my possession Heritage brand Snow runner, Hareline Polar Goat Hair, and Canadian Tube Fly Co. Snow Runner they are ALL very different hair. Hence why I would like to know what I have before me before I sink more money in samples of stuff I don't even know what I am buying. I have spent a lot of time going through posts on the internet (Google) going back over 10 years (including the ones referenced here and other fishing forums). I am still scratching my head why there is so much lack of concrete information and it is starting to remind me on the Temple Dog mystery of the past. I don't know if its a goat, pony, or sheep, Artic or Tropical but it really does look like the picture of Susquatch hair that flytire posted!
  3. When a company sells something they can spin a web of nonsense and we are suppose to just buy it? That link is typical of what I am referring to. See the imaginary creature in the picture? It might even be Sasquatch or Yeti hair - obviously they are not telling!
  4. Does any one know what snow runner/Nayat/Polar goat is? From what I can tell its just Icelandic sheep hair? Anyone have any input other that the usual BS in descriptions from retailers? You would think it comes from unicorns with the proprietary secrecy you find on the internet...
  5. Thanks guys, I am aware of the other options but I was hoping specifically for the CK52S Popper Hooks Size 12. Worse case scenario I will use dry fly hooks. Thanks again for your input guys.
  6. Does anyone have a spare pack of these hooks they could sell or swap with me? CK52S Popper Hooks Size 12
  7. SilverCreek you did us all a big service- at least it opens up our eyes! Kudos to you!!! What better way to judge for yourself than just wrap 40 times around a hook & decide for yourself on the build up. No need for a micrometer or microscope. I like Danville's & Uni's thread and have no problem with the other brands either. Its nice to have the color assortment and variety no a days - competition is a good thing....
  8. Everything is all fun & games till someone gets a hook in the mouth!
  9. Looking for back issues of "Fly Fishing in Saltwaters" magazines 2003,2005, 2006, 2007. Let me know if you have any you want to get rid of. George
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