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  1. http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/img45f0ad7ca7ffd.jpg. Check out that fly. I glued pieces of foam together and turn them on a needle in a dremel. Shape with emery boards or sandpaper.
  2. I would say you are definetly pushing your luck. You can get wire in colors that are less visible and sizes that are amazingly thin. If you are dead set on not using wire, I would use flurocarbon, no less than 60#. And even then I would check it every fish, mabye every so many casts, to make sure it's not fraying. I've thought about it, and I'd rather that monster fish not bite because of wire, than lose it to something else.
  3. I'd be up for some downtown wiper action.
  4. This kind of stuff always reminds me of the qoute from Jurassic Park, " Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should". First, Steelhead are a man made fishery in the great lakes, not comparable to Browns or Salmon. Second, I would look for natural ways to help them first. This sort of thing would be the absolute last thing I would do.
  5. I rarely use tippit anymore. All of my steelhead fishing and most of my trout and fishing is done with straight 6# Gamma line. Dries and small nymphs I add some 4# Trilene or light tippit. LM Bass I use 15# straight. Bluegills 6# and 4# to connect a dropper if I use one. I don't notice any loss in casting ability by doing this.
  6. This is the article Darrin is refering to- Creative Foam Fly Tying- Dremel Bugs The first time I saw that article was probably '05. I hadn't made any before last summer though, and I had success with them when I finally tried one.
  7. Example of water intoxication- Hold Your Wee for a Wii Contestant Dies
  8. Sometimes they do that. I think it's mostly because the glue doesn't allow the foam to 'heal' itself as well, thus creating less friction to work with. I try to make sure there is a small area with no glue near where the needle goes. And when I do have a piece that acts up, I just cut it up and make smaller bodies.
  9. Blueman89

    wader sizes

    Can't happen. Ever try sinking in a pool? Won't happen unless you panic. That's why divers wear lead belts. You may be pulled down for a second, but once you fill up, it will be just like being in a pool.
  10. I'm definetly fishing with you . I'll be throwing a 10 WT most likely.
  11. Dang, that thing is so ugly, it just has to catch fish. I like the fullness with out real bulk with this type of fly, especially with marabou. I'd worry about durablity with the marabou a bit though. Should hold up for a few fish, but you'll probably have to re-tie the fly every now and then. Though I guess that's not really a bad thing. It will just depend on how tough the marabou stem is.
  12. Just as FFTaz said, sounds like your using hair from the wrong area of the deer. You need to use deer tail for deceivers. Most body hair you buy is the hollow winter hair. It's used for making bass bugs mostly.
  13. Neither question is stupid. 1- Yes, the hair is tied in tips out over the eye. 2- I kind of spin the clump of hair, like a hair big, to get it uniform around the hook. I then trim the flared ends and wrap back to the end of the marabou tail(see below). Then I use an empty pen barrel to push the hair back. I then brush it back with my fingers to get a tight bullet head. Then I wrap it down. There is no 'real' body on this fly. I just tie the marabou down up to the point where I will tie down the head. If you use enough hair, you won't even see this. Just be sure to measure the hair so that the tips extend just over the tail.
  14. Actually, I didn't use the Dremel on this one. I took a block of balsa, cut it into squares according to the size of hook I was using, then cut it to shape with a single edged razor blade.
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