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  1. Got my shirts!!! Great job, and thanks for all the hard work! :thumbsup: Now everyone will be asking me,'How many FTF shirts do you have?!' :lol2:
  2. Sorry I'm a little late, where does the Christmas time go !!! :dunno: Payment will be sent out in the mail today or tomorrow. Thanks again !!!! and Merry Christmas !!!!!!
  3. Please: 1 - Metro Blue - XL 1 - Prarie Dust - XL 1 - Steel - XL Thanks a bunch - I got two last time and they are awesome !!!! :yahoo:
  4. I hope this link helps ...... http://flyguysoutfitting.com/shuttleweave.html Good Luck :thumbsup:
  5. I saw this cool tutorial which might be of help .... http://www.flyguysoutfitting.com/shuttleweave.html Maybe someday I'll be good enough to give it a try
  6. Hope this helps ..... http://www.flyfishingconnection.com/articl...+Opportunities/ Good Luck !!! :thumbsup:
  7. size 20 Griffith's Gnat, but I can't stand that waiting 3 seconds in order to set the hook. :cursing: Your a better man than me, Charlie Brown, for trying size 30's :bugeyes: Good Luck !!!!
  8. Your family will be in my prayers!
  9. Just to add 1 1/2 cents ....... (I'm an addicted novice yak fly fisher) www.paddling.net www.kayakfishingstuff.com Hope these help. :thumbsup:
  10. I've got my shirts yesterday and ...... :yahoo: Thank you again Will, excellent job !! Send me a PM if you have any XL's left over you want to get rid of.
  11. I got some Ice dubbing one time trying to find a substitute for GSS. Not the same! :wallbash: I've never tried Angel hair, so I don't know. :dunno: I guess I'll pay the extra to get the original. Let us know what you find.
  12. Hopefully this shop can give some good ideas.... Good luck! :thumbsup: http://www.colemansflyshop.com/index.cfm
  13. I'll be mailing you a check for.... 1-XL-Olive 1-XL-Steel Thanks Again !!! :thumbup: ------------------------------------------------------ The check is in the mail !!! :scooter:
  14. Gartside Gurgler !!!! There's also another pattern called a "Gurgle Pop" that's a spin-off of Jack Gartside's pattern. Give them a try and happy Copper Belly hunting !!! :thumbup:
  15. Gartside Gurgler !!!!!! Or go onto Google and type in 'Gurgle Pop', the pattern calls for rubber legs but I'm sure it will work without. :thumbsup: :thumbup:
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