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  1. That will work, thanks. Will add a bead and legs.
  2. Does anyone know a good SBS for the Kaufmann Stonefly Nymph with rubber legs? Tried searching but could pull anything up on google worthwhile and the one pattern on the FTF database wasn't really what I was looking for. Thanks in Advance.
  3. I got mine yesterday. Great flies guys and thanks for hosting!!!!!!
  4. The black beetles are mine. My bad. I completely forgot the toe tags.
  5. Here is what I'll be tying. My link It's a black hopper. I'll be messing around with the pattern this month and perfecting it.
  6. I'm in, I'll let you know what I come up with when I do some research. Great idea!
  7. Dang, those brook trout are ridiculous. Have always wanted to make a trip to Labrador for brookies, but may have to change that to fortress lake. Looks like it get less pressure from the website.
  8. I heard SEC fans use live bait in fly fishing-only sections and never de-barb their hooks. In other words, they don't play by the rules and, in general, are poor sports. Technically not really a rainbow in my pic, it's a Lake Erie steelhead. So in a way a bow, but not really. We Ohio State people like to blur the truth. Bahahaha! The SEC fan comment about made me spit coffee all over my computer!
  9. Caught this guy from a wild stream. Full report is on the blog. http://chasingbluelines.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-brookie-stream.html
  10. Sent the flies out today. Let me know when you get them
  11. GO BLUE! Go blue, all right...go to the Gator Bowl if you're lucky. haha atleast our players can actually play the first couple of games
  12. Got both sets of flies today so I'll be mailing them back to you tomorrow. Great sets of flies guys!
  13. Sounds good. I'll pm you Monday the address to mail the flies to. Going Sunday to college so I will know my address then.
  14. Sounds good to me. I'll close the swap and we'll each tie up a dozen. Three people swap it is! FisheyeDon you cool with this?
  15. I noticed that. Whoever created it, it's a good pattern. P.S. checked out you blog and love it. I subscribed!
  16. Two days after giving me the video for the stimulator, Orvisnews.com puts the video up on their blog..... What are the chances? http://www.orvisnews.com/FlyFishing/Tying-the-Yellow-Stimulator.aspx
  17. It isn't at all, I will give it till the end of this week and if no else joins, want to do just a 6 fly swap me and you? I give you 6 black ants and you give me 6 black cripple flies?
  18. That is an amazing SBS. Forget the video haha. Thanks Flytire.
  19. Does anyone have a good video of someone tying up a Stimulator? I can't seem to get mine just right, Thanks.
  20. Usually it is the smaller fish that get hooked in the eye. Their eyes are closer to their mouth and tend to get foul hooked more easily. Wonder if there has been an unlucky fish with both eyes foul hooked?
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