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  1. Wow. Give that a shot with the available tech from centuries ago and you'll find out why it's vastly preferable to build up rather than down. It's not "preferable" to build up ... just easier. I'm not going to hijack the thread any further. Wrong place to have this discussion. And yet you, the moderator, started the discussion, participated in it repeatedly, and now shut it down after the "last" word - for I'm sure these of mine will be gone in mere minutes. You can't make a reply like that one and still retain the respect that makes it possible to be an effective moderator. You need to learn some wisdom sonny. Now delete this post with no hard feelings from me - the lecture was for you, no one else.
  2. Wow. Give that a shot with the available tech from centuries ago and you'll find out why it's vastly preferable to build up rather than down.
  3. I'm gonna have to steal that one We have a bit of software at work called CSS, that is used for displaying instrument telemetry - IF you can get the darn thing configured right.... your version of it works perfectly both for that and my eyes.
  4. Its not a problem. Observing that they are different products is all. The thicker stuff would be my choice for a heavy base as its less likely to be permanently squashed.
  5. The stuff from HF is a bit thicker than the shelf liner stuff. I bought several rolls for lining tool box drawers at work.
  6. From context, I'm guessing he's in England, so I doubt glare from the sun outside is much of a problem Don't take the "distracting" comment too literally, it was intended to be a humorous compliment rather than remarking on a real risk.
  7. Nice to have a large computer screen right there too, sure beats the old days of propping a book open. Only trouble with your set up is the view out the window - too distracting!
  8. Oh, now I get it. Neat feature! That's what I get for reading while at work - extra dense
  9. I've mostly fished trout, so I don't have a lot to compare to. Most fun fishing I ever did was for pickerel in Maine, we were in canoes in a bog and they hit deer hair poppers hard and fought like crazy. Sounds like I should go find some bluegill!
  10. Yep, I agree with both the choice and the "begrudgingly". I've noticed that as a fly tier, I want to tie fun, interesting, sexy flies. I've never found the wooly bugger to be any of those, but it sure catches fish and probably works more often than any other single fly. But then I'm not as good at fishing as tying, so maybe that's my lack of skill talking.
  11. I have a heck of a time posting pictures too. Nice job building a vise, that's not a job everyone can tackle. Out of curiosity, why weld on a bearing?
  12. Sure, I'll take a picture for you when I get home tonight. As I recall there's a brown, ginger, & maybe a black one. I've hardly used them since the late 1980's, they are old necks.
  13. I remember there was a run on genetic saddle hackle a few years ago, it was all the rage to weave those long feathers into girls' hair or something. I just tried to use some of my old Indian hackle for a nymph, not having a decent hen feather for it. Horrible. Time to toss all of them and buy hen necks for the wets and keep going with the new saddles for the dries.
  14. I hope I can still tie that well when I'm 74! Heck, since I'm kinda relearning the skill, I'm not sure I can tie that well now. Hat's off to you!
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