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  1. I am an intermediate tyer and do not worry so much about what kind of feathers I use (yet) as long as they are the right size/color. As you develop your technique and get a good grasp of the basics you can build on it and start to gather more "proper" materials. For now, I often still use lower grade feathers for nymphs, streamers and dries (especially parachutes) and I still catch fish. For buggers I use cheap strung saddle and the fish haven't complained yet! This guy was caught on a Para Adams that was tied with cheap hackle. After the first couple fish the fly did not want to stay on top but they still hammered it anyways.
  2. Small streams are the best! All on the same #12 Parachute Adams!
  3. Got mine today. Thanks for hosting Kevin. And thanks to everyone for the flies!
  4. Sorry for the delay guys. I didn't think about the post office closing before I get out of work. Luckily I'm out early tomorrow to get another wisdom tooth chopped out. I'll run to the post office before!
  5. I just need to get to the post office. Does anyone know of a good way to get any excess super glue off? These were my first sculpins and I managed to glue my fingers to just about every sculpin helmet O.o
  6. Looks good. I just picked up some materials today. I'll see what I can come up with.
  7. I'm in. I have to decide on a pattern. Sounds like a good excuse to go "look" at some materials!
  8. New bench. Got all my stuff set up again finally!
  9. Third... Can't find my other hooks. Had to use a shiny red one lol. The panfish will eat them .
  10. My first dry in a couple years.... Caddisish... Lol Let's see if the next few will be better.
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