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  1. Sippy

    Happy Birthday Sippy

    Thanks everyone! What I thought would be a quiet Bday on a Monday quickly changed when the kids had a snow day! :help: I had a wonderful day and John got me an Ipod to listen to when I go running. I can't believe it wasn't something fishing related!!!! :ripped:
  2. Please send me the address too. Thanks!
  3. Some great suggestions. One thing I used to do for our kids (and still do every now and then with our youngest) is do a search on turkey, rabbit, and squirrel prints and print some. Then I get them situated at the kitchen table with some elmers, feathers, and fur, etc. They have a riot decorating their animals while I sit and tie and enjoy watching them make some cool creations.
  4. You twisted my arm, smokey. I'm in if there's a spot available.
  5. QUOTE (skunked @ Mar 22 2005, 08:28 AM) nice fly shoe, what do you use for grinding? His bassomatic!
  6. That's a great video. We ice fish a lot and it offered many small tips that could really make a difference if you go through. I have gone through and was luckily in water chest high and made it out rather quickly. I learned a ton from that experience, especially about ice conditions. There was nice clear black ice but I walked over to an area that had honeycombed since the sun had reflected off of the metal on the docks and sea wall and weakened the ice.
  7. We'll be at the show on Sunday.
  8. That's a great looking fly!
  9. I received my flies from the swap today and have been enjoying checking them all out. They all look great! Thanks everyone and thanks Shoe for hosting the swap.
  10. Sippy

    Fly order

    QUOTE (daryn smith @ Mar 2 2005, 06:02 PM) What should I do? Quit making phone calls after drinking beer.
  11. In regards to the Maine lodges, we stayed at the Libby camps in an outpost camp and had a blast. VERY, VERY remote and the scenery was fantastic. We checked in at the main camp, in addition to enjoying a fantastic dinner there one evening. Matt and Ellen Libby were wonderful hosts.
  12. Hope your pup pulls through!
  13. Good thing Kingfisher isn't going! John needs the boat just to pull all of his stuff, let alone if Marc came along.
  14. The countdown has begun! Don't be shocked if a stowaway's head pops out when the boat cover is peeled back! Have fun guys!
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