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  1. I tied some yellow jackets that used hackle tips for wings. I hope they hold up to the fish.
  2. I sent my flies yesterday. Included are the flies for June and July as well.
  3. I received mine today. I think these will be really effective at a small creek near my place. I think the gills and the carp will eat them up. Great looking flies!
  4. Well, since I don't usually tie for bluegill, I don't have a favorite pattern. However after going through a couple of fly tying pattern books, I've found a pattern that looks pretty neat, an orange baby seal. I'll be using congo hair instead of seal, but it looks like a good bluegill fly.
  5. I'll join. I'll probably be using some hair from my English Shepherd.
  6. You might try http://flytyersdungeon.com/ I believe he has some.
  7. That looks really good. It should work well!
  8. Did you PM the host of the swap? I would start that way. Kevin Ratdz, Some people have already sent in flies for the months ahead, so adding another person would really complicate things. We decided to keep this small this year since it is the first year. Next year maybe we can do 10 swappers each month... -Forrest Thanks for the info. Glad to hear that there are actually swaps where people are on the ball. Every swap I've been in, there is always someone who drops out, or can't get their flies in on time. Hopefully I can get in on this swap next time.
  9. I received mine today. Loved the pulled pork slider. I wish I could pack deer hair that well!
  10. Is there any possibility of adding another tier to the list?
  11. Heck bring the flies and come on over, you can fish here year round. Doesn't mean you are going to catch anything, but its better than working.
  12. Since this swap is both Largemouth and Smallmouth, I think I'll tie up the education shad. I've caught both of those species of bass and even some nice large catfish with it.
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