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  1. Try this; https://www.flexspex.com/
  2. I use Flex Spex - they ride on top of your hat & pull apart at the bridge, place them below the bill & magnetically snap back together. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=5S2UWtfw&id=E80EC057FB5EB5B01BB070DFE2D0F366EC53CA13&thid=OIP.5S2UWtfw6DnJgegVD7N4jQHaHa&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.orvis.com%2forvis_assets%2fprodimg%2f8L02L3VF.jpg&exph=356&expw=356&q=hat+clip+on+magnifying+glasses&simid=608011547221495178&selectedIndex=9&qpvt=hat+clip+on+magnifying+glasses&ajaxhist=0
  3. 2 years ago it was Micro Mays, I think they liked the flash on the wing case. We fished a 100 yd stretch & caught fish all day long, most in the 20 in class. 1st fish the 2nd day I almost couldn't land it my arm was so sore.
  4. How about Falling Springs in the Chambersburg 25 miles west of Gettysburgh. - info here; http://www.fallingsprings.com/
  5. I wear my reading glasses & another pair of 3.00 magnifiers over them. I buy my magnifiers @ the .99 cent store.
  6. I go with lightweight you can always layer underneath.
  7. I have been wearing prescription glasses for 30 years. Had to step up to bifocals, I mean progressives, lately. They are glare proof impact resistant and scratch proof with over sized frames. They cost be around 400 bucks. My point is, I have never lost them, broke them, scratched them or otherwise damaged them while fishing. So if you get an expensive pair of regular sunglasses that have all the coatings they should last for years and years. Or maybe us guys that relie on glasses are more in tune to not messing them up Whatever you get, cheapos or big money glasses, make sure they are full wrap arounds to cover all of your eyes from all directions otherwise it's pointless to have them at all. I too have been wearing protective lenses since the 70's when I spent every day at the beach & my eye got damaged from not wearing glasses. I bought a good pair of glasses and never seem to lose them. I have a Ray Ban frame that I've had for over 20 years, get the lenses swapped out every few years (prescription, polarized) use them every day. I got a pair of Costa with Amber lenses that I use for fishing only. I also use mono sunglass retainers.
  8. $1 store, they're cheaper than drugstore.
  9. I use Patagonia Lightweight Capilene. Been out in 15 degree weather with only those under my waders & was fine. Had them for over 30 years now. http://www.patagonia.com/us/product/mens-capilene-2-baselayer-lightweight-bottoms?p=44950-1
  10. That's strange, every year when they come out with the top 10 most customer dissatified list Jeep usually has 4 - 5 vehicels on that list. My sons girlfriend had a top-o-line $60,000 Jeep, she got rid of it after 2 years. Had another friend that had one & the lights would go out randomly while she was driving, another, the windsheild leaked. My son has a friend with an Outback, my 9ft rod would not fit, that was a factor for me. I have a Ford Edge, very comfortable, wish I had waited a couple years & gotten the Ford Escape, fits all my needs, costs less & better gas mileage. When I bought my Edge, the Escape had the feel of my sons Ranger, they have since upgraded it.
  11. Most recently, last year, I was fishing the Owens River, here in California, migratory fish from Crowley Lake travel upstream to spawn, I hooked a Rainbow that when it jumped my thought was "Holy sh!t, he's as big as my leg!" Now I'm only 5'6", my inseam is 30" - my guess, this fish was 27", 8 - 10lbs. Didn't land it, but it got my heart pounding. This year, I'm going back! spm - I enjoyed yours, allways nice to remember rituals with Dad. 35 years ago I was dating an Italian girl, her Aunt & Uncle's Thankgsiving started with Wedding soup, next on to Ravioli, Gnochi's & other pastas, then finish with the normal Turkey, Dressing & all the fixings. No wonder the Uncle died of a heart attack! When my kids were in elementary school, my wife's Aunt lived 12 miles away in San Clemente. The kids & I would ride down to the beach & south to San Clemente along the beach. I was thinking about that yesterday while riding my bike.
  12. Yep, Dale's is where I learned to tie back in the late '70's. Couple years ago I took a similar package & showed it to Bob, got a smile out of him.
  13. Here's a link to instructions, I believe they have called it a Hot Creek Emerger, it's a PDF, page 11.
  14. Curious, is it tied with the hair all the way around the hook like a Tenkara style fly? Something like what Davie McPhail tries here: To the OP, can't go wrong with the Quigley Cripple & the E/C Caddis. No, Elk only on top.
  15. Sounds a bit like Bob Wyatt's Deer Hair Emerger http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw2/101804fotw.php Close, but the tips of the Elk Hair stick out over the eye of the hook, even more so than in pic # 1. Also Elk is a better floater which translates to using less & shorter. I use bleached Elk, easier to see on the water. I tie them from 16 (PMD) down to 20.
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