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  1. Hey guys it's been a while.


    My boss is going on a trip to Canada and was asking me where he should go. I have never been and I know some of you have. He is looking for a guided trip. I also want to tie him up some fly's to take and that will depend on where he is going. Any ideas on both? Where he should go and what I should tie for him?





  2. I would start with a good blog develop a devoted following. Get some advertisement then take what you have on your blog with more detail, better pictures, etc. and get to writing. Good luck let me know how it goes I would love to see it even if you do self publish. (which is becoming a bigger and better way like indie music...)

  3. This was my comment on your blog:


    What about using a 12V bike pump that you plug into your car or one you can plug into the wall. I think some of those are not to costly and you can set the PSI (I think) on some of those so you don't over pressurize. It would make it much more useful I think.


    I think you did a great job and now even more than ever I want to pick up one of these. Just awesome :yahoo:

  4. Anyone ever tie on a paper clip?


    My daughter asked me to so she could have a paper clip with a deer hair bug on it. I did it and it came out pretty good. I had a bit of a hard time bending it back into the proper paper clip shape but it turned out pretty good. I will take a pic of it and post it tonight when I get home.

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