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  1. I don't know if it is truly an ergonomic design which I think is what he was going for. to me in the picture that shows your wrist it look as though you are bending it strangely to fit the bobbin. I guess it could just be the picture but I would have to try it out for myself to really feel it was working as expected (ergonomically)
  2. Don't tell him he can make more until I can buy one
  3. SP... thanks that makes a lot more sense now.
  4. Since he manufactures a lot of his own stuff it all depends on what you ordered vs what he has on hand. If he has it my experience is that it ships fairly quickly if he has to make it, it can take a bit longer and to delay even more if he does not have the source material to make it he has to wait on his supplier before he can make it for you. I have heard that on the orders that take overly long he includes some nice little extras. I will also say his products are worth the wait.
  5. There might be better vices out there but not really for the money. I don't know of any other true rotary vice for 25 bucks. I know some people talk about small hooks flying out of the jaws but I have not had that experience. I think you have to follow the directions on how to place a hook in the jaws and not try to do it as you would on another vice. If you have 300 bucks there are better vices for sure. But I wouldn't trade my DanVice for one price the same. I don't have the extension but have thought about picking it up as I do think the danvice can get in the way of itself. I don't know why they don't just make the extension part of the vice :dunno:
  6. The copic one can be connected to a compressor but the compressor that is sold branded as copic is a couple hundred bucks. I think you could get away with a cheaper one but who knows. I wont be making any purchases like this till after I refi the house
  7. So I was looking around for other marker based airbrushes and stumbled on this http://cgi.ebay.com/Letraset-Promarker-Fly...=item564348daa8 I found it cause I was looking at this http://cgi.ebay.com/Letraset-Promarker-Air...=item5adfb5bd3b
  8. I just looked up what a copic airbrush system was and I like it. My daughter who draws in a japanese style of art would love it too. how lond does the can of air last? I see the larger can (180) on ebay for 13 bucks.
  9. That took longer than expected. I had the hardest time with the creative section there was two I really liked. Nymphs were tough too because there were so many. :bugeyes: Great job everyone :yahoo:
  10. Did you take the link down. It doesn't bring anything up for me. I didn't submit but I sure wanted to see what was submitted.
  11. Sweet I am glad you liked the name. What do I win? :hyst:
  12. Vegas your pictures aren't showing up for me. Did you remove them?
  13. I can't wait to see it. Thanks :headbang:
  14. Musky Uakari A Bald Uakari is the monkey with a red face and with the red on the front and being articulated it made sense. Just my .02 :yahoo:
  15. No one is forcing you to read or post on this thread. If you would like to move on, by all means get to steppin.
  16. Just a thought but you better limit the number of those you will do. :bugeyes: I have followed your work since day one of my tying career and you always seem to amaze me. Great job! :yahoo:
  17. Just my .02 I have a Danvise and love it. I don't tie a million flys though. If I were to really increase my output I could see getting a different vice. I personally really want the Nor-Vice. But that is just me some people hate and others love it.
  18. First of who in the heck uses a 56k modem anymore? :dunno: Nice looking flies my they will fish great and they look nice and heavy. I do like how the wire looks. My only thing is the tag end of your wing case over teh top is hanging out over the bead. I personally like it when that can be tucked away under the bead or foced down behind by the string. Great looking flies though :yahoo:
  19. Chuck CV I really liked your post. Great Tips :yahoo:
  20. Very nice and buggy looking. Great Tie :yahoo:
  21. ok why didn't that website work for me?
  22. I don't think their reading my posts. Maybe steven tyler is though so I take it back. DO NOT PUT MY FLY STUFF IN YOUR DANG HAIR!!!! :bugeyes:
  23. I have been doing some searching and the best I can find it for is 4.99 some places are 5.10. I don't get it, it shouldn't be so dang expensive. I wonder if chicks are going to start putting that in there hair like they are with our hackles.
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