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  1. Did anyone notice that no one bought that yarn? I thought it funny that he was charging well more than anyone wanted to pay for it. I also think it is dumb to start an auction at a price that is what you want to get for it. I have sold many thing on ebay and found that the same item sold for more when I started the auction at a penny then when I started it at 12 bucks. The item (a pillow from overstalk items from macy's) ended up selling for 60 bucks when started at a penny and didn't sell when started at 12 bucks.
  2. I have been so tempted to try them but I thought they would be way to chunky unless, as previously noted, they were on large fly. If you try it out let us know how well it works.
  3. I got the christmas box this year and it was some awesome stuff for sure. FTD is the best. :yahoo:
  4. That thing looks like a mini cement mixer.
  5. Steve anytime you want to come over to Omaha let me know I will meet ya somewhere. I am still new to tying and fly fishing but I would love to go out with any others around here to learn more.
  6. TDF has some great advice I say follow it. I love the classic salmon flies but I wouldn't try selling any until I have been doing it for years it is a very hard discipline. It seem like your flies are coming a long but you even know when there not what they should be according to your own post that you linked to. Good luck
  7. looks like a nice little site. Translation from french to english through google takes a bit. Looks like you have a very nice set up at your tying station and lots and lots of material. When you get tired of storring all that you can send it over to me I will store it for you. :bugeyes:
  8. Great... Look at me, I was the kid who always was the first to sit down in the classroom spelling bee, and as you can see.... it has not improved. If your local shop does not carry it... please ask them to contact us at: [email protected] We would much rather have it locally available than to have to ship individual orders. Thanks for the help too!! Are you sure you spelled the email correctly? LOL I am just kidding. All I have is cabellas and bass pro shops around me. Nebraska isn't the bigest fly fishing state around. :ripped:
  9. Well I am hoping you do well. I am looking forward to hearing how you do. :yahoo:
  10. Yeah the so called "expert" at cabellas hadn't heard of it either of course when I went in asking for GSP thread he had no clue what I was asking for either. He likes to talk a lot about how much he knows then when called on it he only knows a few patterns that he ties all the time. That is why I go this forumn it has more info than any "expert" in a shop.
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. I appreciate it. I have more than enough to work with now. Now I am going to go through my material and see what nymphs I can make with what I have. I don't think there will be big bluegill but if there are the water is still probably too cold to get them moving anyways. I will check out the lake and the ponds were planning on fishing as the weather warms up.
  12. I like it. I might try it out. My son is going to a lake this weekend and I am going to tie him up some stuff. I might add this just to see what he can catch with it.
  13. I am looking at the data base and can only find 3 nymph patterns with bluegill in the description. Why isn't Bluegill a target species to search for? Am I not getting something? :wallbash: Should I just search for any Nymph? Thanks guys
  14. your stuff has been on my wish list for a while. Ever since I started tying this past summer. I will get some soon hopefully once I can convince the wife it is money well spent. :yahoo:
  15. You have a site and a class? Do you do the class online? I really like deer hair stuff too.
  16. I have the same problem and I have a roll top desk as well. Although I last a bit longer than that. I have considered a new chair and an extender as has already been posted. I also think when we are new we start using muscles that we don't normally use and they have to be built up. I last longer now than I did when I first started.
  17. I have some pheasant I could send you. I don't think I would send an entire skin but I could send you a very decent sampling of feathers. Tell me your plan though. You are going to make some flys from the feathers you get and raffle them off to give the proceeds over to Will. I think that is great. Did I miss anything? Do you have experience with the type of fly in Mr. Derringtons avatar? Do you have any pics of past fully dressed fly's? Thanks
  18. I love the paint job on that. Those eyes look like he sees the fish already coming to hit it hard. LOL Great job :yahoo:
  19. 2000 ISO wow that is up there. My d3000 only goes to 1600 and it gets pretty grainy if I use it I usually on go up to 800. Those look great though. Nice job and enjoy the new camera. I love Nikkon there awesome :yahoo:
  20. Very nice I love the pick. Are those, those magnets you toss in the air and they make a zinging sound?
  21. awesome bug. I love the colors you used. The UV brush looks really good in there I like how sparse it is. Great job :yahoo:
  22. This is pretty cool but so very expensive: http://alltimetools.com/p-243-chicago-case...ith-wheels.aspx
  23. I have a Dan Vise and love it. I would love to get a Nor-Vice but it was way out of my budget. But I would say get a Dan Vise or a regal. There all pretty good. HMH has the best warranties around so if you can afford one of their rotaries you will not regret it.
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